photo ops

hello all, Mary Ellen again.

It’s fun being back at blogging again. I sort of feel like I am sharing quilting thoughts with friends, although it seems I do most of the talking LOL. What shall we talk about today?

Loved the inclusion of the photos in Marija’s post about the raffle quilt. I’ve got to try that out soon. Currently the camera in my phone is better than my other digital camera. Perhaps I need to upgrade-any recommendations on easy to use, somewhat advanced, digital cameras? I was really into photography as a younger woman. Still have the SLR camera and all its lenses, and a tripod but I am a convert to the ease of digital. Never got into developing my own film-playing with the lenses, film types, etc was more my cup of tea. I also want to get a digital video camera-other than the one in the phone-so we can share videos of tutorials, meetings, and candid camera fun. Also taking recommendations on any camera you’ve had good luck with.

Did you get all of your spring/Easter/Passover quilts and handiwork out yet? (Get a move on if not!) What’s your favorite piece? My quilting circle, the Material Girls, made a group project a few years ago where we traded strips of orange fabrics and we each made a strip pieced, quilt as you go carrot. It’s still one of my favorite projects for this time of year. Gets a smile every time. It’s still a free pattern at All People Quilt, the Better Homes and Gardens site that goes with American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Click here to go see the pattern.I also have a small wall quilt that was from a VERY early Quick Quilts magazine which is a row by row vegetable garden in which each row was made with a different Seminole Patchwork technique. The bottom row is a white picket fence. I stuck a big white pompom between two of the fence slats-reminds me of one of my favorite childhood stories of Peter Rabbit and his misadventures in Mr. McGregor’s garden.

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  1. Loretta

    Hi Mary Ellen,
    I was just looking at digital cameras today at They have what looks like a great deal right now. My computer genius sons swear by this website. Prices are very reasonable. I am thinking of ordering this camera myself. I want a good camera for my missions trip to Mexico later this year. Good luck in your search.

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