button, button, who’s got the button?

It’s ME again.

When I first started teaching, sometimes I would send a note to a colleague, and just sign it with my initials. I never thought about it until one day an annoyed colleague asked me why I thought everyone would know who was sending them a note just signed “me”. Actually I would sign “ME”. Although he was rather sheepish when I explained it wasn’t “me” but my initials, I never signed anymore notes (except the ones to him!) with just my initials.

But I digress. I love old buttons. Been digging around in my button boxes (yes plural) looking for interesting buttons to use as centers on fabric poseys. I’ve inherited lots of buttons from family members, friends, and have picked up collections now and then at garage sales. I especially like the old pearls, or mother of pearl buttons from, I imagine, old shirtwaist dresses, and well bred lady’s blouses. Every now and then a fun novelty button surfaces and I wonder what it was originally attached to–a baby bunting? a child’s romper? a little girl’s first day of school special dress? My little sewing buddy who lives next door loves to dig around in the buttons to see what she can find. How about you–have you got a big box of buttons to play in?

Found this website with lots of interesting buttons. I’m going back to see if I, by some unusual luck, have a valuable button in my stash. I doubt it, but “you never know”.

Quite a gray morning after such a pretty one yesterday. Getting over a cold, so I think I’ll just take my cup of tea and go stare out the window for a bit. Then I think I’ll make some cards–add some button images if I can.



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2 responses to “button, button, who’s got the button?

  1. cathy chretien

    Good morning Mary Ellen, you are reminding me that I purchased a lapel pin that is a great old button. I will get it out and wear it soon.
    Quilt on, Cathy

  2. Paula Foerder

    I also like buttons. I took a number of ones I had collected and attached them to a picture frame (completely covering it). Then put a mirror in the frame. It’s hanging up in my house. I also have a ‘few’ older buttons that I wonder about their value.

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