what’s new in baby quilts?

Hello all, ME again.

Just got an e-mail a few days ago from a young man I mentored while I was teaching. He and I locked horns a few times, resolved our issues, and have become friends. He loves gardening as I do and we have traded many plants. He keeps my most tender plants in his classroom over the winter and brings them back to me for their summer vacation in my garden. He has provided some muscle for me, when the plants I wanted to divide and move were too much for my somewhat (?) older back. Anyway he and his wife (who took my place when I retired; that’s how he met her. I get some credit for that match by default then, don’t you think?) are soon to have their first baby. And a request has come for a custom baby quilt. Of course I am happy to make it for them.

The request set me off on a search for ideas. Being a guy (not a slam in case any fellows are reading this) he has no idea what he wants. It is going to be a surprise for the wife and baby, so there can be no consultation with her. It’s going to be up to me to find something great. I have no idea what her taste is–have only briefly met her at parties. Conservative dresser for a young woman, but what does that tell me? Does she like modern or traditional quilts? So I’m looking for a way to merge the two. Modern design with traditional fabrics? Traditional blocks made with modern fabrics? Definitely a dilemma. I found this quilt this morning at a page written by a blogger who I have admired for a while-up and coming modern quilt designer. She refers to comments from young moms, on an earlier post of hers, about round quilts being perfect for swaddling. I do love her design and it is doable. Could be striking in many styles of fabrics. I’m thinking this may be the route I’ll take–she most likely won’t get any others like it.

What do you moms, grandmas and aunties think about the round quilt idea? HELP!


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2 responses to “what’s new in baby quilts?

  1. Janet Reilly

    I like the round quilt, very unique. What colors are you thinking?

    • Mary Ellen

      thanks for your message! I’m thinking I like the gray and yellow shown, but will the mom? I’ll probably pick a few “modern” fabrics and some “solidish” coordinates.

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