Oh, what a beautiful morning!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

The canine and I have been back from our walk for a bit, I’ve had my coffee and yogurt and am getting ready for another day at our glorious show. It is a great morning for a walk. Chilly but no wind-once you get moving it’s no problem. The dog was scampering like a puppy-especially when I would not allow him to chase all the bunnies we encountered.

Spent the whole day at the museum yesterday. Didn’t get to walk around much-that’s on today’s agenda. Talked with lots of ladies-it’s interesting how you can chat with a complete stranger about quilts as though you’ve known one another for a long time. Is that one of the things that makes quilts glorious?

Lots of those I spoke with about the fabrics, mentioned that they don’t need to buy any more fabric because they have so much already. They don’t need to make anymore quilts-they should just finish the ones they have started-the UFO thing. Maybe the process-from choosing the fabric and a pattern, planning the placement, the cutting, the stitching, the assembly-is what we enjoy about quilting. I know even though I love the final product, most of my enjoyment comes along the way and then sometimes in the giving it away. It’s not so much the quilt itself for me. Is that what makes quilts glorious for you?

One side note–if you attend the show, please check out the ads in the back of the booklet. In the fine print many of the advertisers have included a “coupon” deal. Some sort of reduction at their shop if you present the booklet. So don’t just throw it out-or maybe even (gasp!) don’t recycle it. At least not until you’ve checked out the savings to see if any appeal to you.

Hope to see you at the show–try the soup!!

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