Hello all, Mary Ellen again.

Thanks to Loretta, for getting a paper piecing demo set up for our next meeting. Maybe more will then join our inaugural Quilt-a-Long, Loosey Goosey. You can back up a post or find the details in the category widget in the sidebar. The first block is a paper pieced star. Probably an advanced beginner paper piecing block, the sections are easy to paper piece, but several (8) must be joined to form the starburst. You can do it!! I’ll be glad to help at any meeting. If you want to skip that block and just jump into the fray with a later block you certainly may, but come on…give it a try.

You might want to use the same background for all of your stars (not a requirement). If so, keep that in mind when gathering up your fabrics. We’ll be making 6 blocks, 12″ finished size. If I decide to include a 6″ block for variety, you’ll need to make several to fill up the space.

spring morning

Found a second  great site for color inspiration this morning. It goes along with Marija’s post a while back about taking inspiration from photos. Isn’t this a great shot? I love how they have pulled the colors out from the photo for you. They put up a new photo and its colors everyday. You can find similar colors, search for other palettes or read their blog. Great spot for color lovers!

Going up to the sewing room now to continue putting together my cut up samples from the quilt show. Might even have enough done by the meeting to have something for show and share this time.


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