Monday lunch time blurb…that became a Tuesday one! :)

Hi everyone,

I did start this post on Monday and discovered some technical difficulties (I couldn’t post a link…go figure!), but finally found a way to do it – so here it goes! (sorry for the delay!)

First – I don’t know how I missed it, but wanted to let you all know that I have a GIVEAWAY on my blog!

I am celebrating my Colors of October pattern publication in The Quilt Pattern Magazine with a giveaway on my blog – YOU CAN WIN A YEAR SUBSCRIPTION TO TQPM!!! I prolonged the time to be able to enter the giveaway, so head on there and enter please! I would love nothing better than for one (or two!) of my fellow guild members to win! 🙂

Second, I just want to tell you about a great read, in case you missed it – like I did until recently! Marie Bostwick is a wonderful story teller who wrote several great novels before starting a series that centers around modern times, woman and her dream to open a quilt shop, her life challenges and wonderful friendships and community that is somehow always where quilter are. The first in this series is “A Single Thread” – book that I just finished on Sunday morning because I couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend it! At the above link you will find a lot of information about Marie and her books but here is the best part – SHE IS HERE IN WNY today and tomorrow! Southtowns Guild has her as a guest for the program tonight (East Aurora Senior Center, East Aurora, at 7:00pm), Morningstar Guild tomorrow morning (St.Mathias Chrch, 10:00 am) and the closest to us in Amherst – she will be in Barnes and Noble at Niagara Falls blvd. on Wednesday night at 7:00pm. How cool is that! 🙂
Today is a busy day, so I am going to say goodbye now, have a wonderful Tuesday!

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One response to “Monday lunch time blurb…that became a Tuesday one! :)

  1. Mary Ellen

    I’ve read several of Marie Bostwick’s books and have enjoyed them. They remind me of the Debbie Macomber type books, in case you have read her novels. Nice summer reading.

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