bloggers’ quilt festival

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I love surfing the internet for quilt “stuff”. You can find everything you’re looking for and more. So many quilters are getting into blogging these days-like us. There are even online quilt shows to visit, where you can vote for viewers choice, favorite baby quilt, favorite… just like a “real” show.You can’t fondle the fabric or visit the vendors (but you can follow their links to the online shops!), or chat with the other quilters, but you can look at a quilt for as long as you want without feeling that you’re holding up the traffic and you can zoom in for a close look.

Here’s a link to a bloggers’ quilt festival for you. Enjoy it at your leisure, maybe we can aspire to doing something like this in the future. And be sure to visit our guild site and look at the photos from our show-whether you attended in person and want to revisit, or whether you weren’t able to join us. It’s a great show either way.

Have a great day outdoors-putting in your annuals yet? The neighbors are ahead of me–I’d better get moving. Finally got all the sawdust from my removed maple tree out of the beds (as much as I can anyway), all 9 yard bags full, and now can put in a sunny garden where it used to be shady. The stump is still there, low to the ground. I’ll be hoping to camouflage it with plants that will droop over it, at least for this year.


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