Missed Monday

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Where did Monday go? Flew by with only laundry accomplished. Shouldn’t one get more done than that in a day?

So what’s up with you? How does your garden grow? I’m into transplanting now, and taking the absolutely humungous Christmas cactus plants outdoors for the summer. I have one that came from a start my Nana gave me when I started my first apartment. It now is so large that I have to turn it on its side to get it through the door. That was in the fall when I brought it in for the winter. I’m going to take it outdoors today-if it has grown much over the winter, I’ll be in trouble. It weighs a ton-I know that from attempting to vacuum up the fallen blossoms behind the plant stand. I may have to call for reinforcements from next door to help me.

Looked around on Pinterest this morning. So much inspiration. Here’s a collection from one of Rachel Griffith’s boards. She blogs at “ps i quilt“. You might like her quirky Southern take on things. Very fresh quilting style, and great down home recipes now and then. Try the biscuit recipe–great old fashioned biscuits, perfect for strawberry shortcake. If you want a sweeter dough, just add a few teaspoons of sugar.

Did you see that Anita Grossman-Solomon does have a quick cutting trick for the block in the magazine that I mentioned a few posts back (Seminar Spotting on May 12) ? She posted a comment (thanks, Anita!) and included a link to the cutting trick. Make sure to sign up for one of her classes this fall.

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