Is quilting cool?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Recently was talking to a shop owner newly back from Quilt Market in Kansas City. She was pleased with the influx of so many young (35 ish) quilt and fabric designers. It bodes well for the future of the industry that young people are getting involved in the business.

How do we interest, and then keep, young quilters coming to the hobby we love so much? How can we make quilting “cool”? How do we make young quilters aware of our guild? Get them to visit? Actually join? What kinds of activities would they like to be a part of? We who are members of the “older” quilting contingent should find ways to pass the needles and frames on to the next generation of quilters.

If you, or someone in your life, is a fan of Anthropologie or Pottery Barn then you probably have seen some of the new “modern” style of quilts. They very often are based on traditional patterns such as the log cabin block, or the rail fence or one block designs. Very graphic designs done with the gorgeous saturated solids that are available now are typical of what I call “modern” quilts. Fussy quilts, loaded with intricate floral applique, would not be my idea of a modern quilt.

There is a new book  called Geared for Guys by Emily Herrick that I have seen mentioned in lots of bloggers’ posts about Quilt Market. It’s not loaded with fish and deer fabrics, or Nascar and NFL images! The photos of quilts that I have seen from it are just “modern” to me. Rather spare in detail, focusing on geometry and color play. Here’s a link to a blog book tour of the designs-they all could be geared for gals too with different fabric choices.

To finish up, here’s an interesting nod to very traditional quilting from a modern tech perspective. You can get a Dear Jane cover for your blackberry! I wonder if they have them for iPhones! Look here. Now that’s cool!!

Here’s another idea-let’s all join a gang and give ourselves “gangsta” names. Check this quilting gang out. Right here.

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