Lucy photo op

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Finished my second Lucy Goosey block yesterday. Here it is. Going for the scrappy palette, hoping I’ll make a dent in the contents of the scrap bins without making a tacky looking quilt. So far (just two) the blocks look nice together. Keeping my fingers crossed.

2nd block

#2 block for our quilt-a-long

Remember to bring your completed blocks to our meeting show and shares, or send the photos directly to our webmeister, Don Dee. Just let him know that they’re for the Loosey Goosey album.



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5 responses to “Lucy photo op

  1. Jackie Groszkowski

    I like this one too. It looks easier than last month’s.

    • Mary Ellen

      Hi Jackie, it definitely is easier than the paper pieced one. Just have corners on 9 patches and points on the geese to think about.

  2. Jane Browne

    HI, I just finished my second block. It is definitely easier than the first one. Now, am looking forward to next months block!

    • Mary Ellen

      Hi Jane, I’m glad this one was easier. I’ve rounded up some red/white/blue from my stash and am borrowing your idea to make a patriotic set of stars too. Won’t have it done for the 4th of July this year, but hopefully by Flag Day next year.

      • Jane Browne

        Hi Mary Ellen, that is so neat! The red, white ,blue is fun. Can’t wait for the next one. This whole thing is fun, I have never not had a total pattern or picture to look at, to know what to do next. So, it is a challenge.

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