modern or traditional

Hi again, Mary Ellen here.

If forced to categorize your quilting sensibilities, would you call yourself modern or traditional? I’d have a hard time with that myself. I love the graphic geometries of traditional blocks, traditional quilt layouts. I also love the modern fabrics that are so abundant these days. Large colorful prints-nothing muddy or grayed out. My own quilting is becoming more and more of a hybrid I think, marrying those two loves. How about you?

I have written quite a bit about the modern movement in quilting. Denyse Schmidt’s name often comes up in the discussion on modern quilting. Here is a blog post from etsy (another modern development for selling your crafts) that nicely introduces you to Denyse. Her latest book’s inspiration is discussed. It’s interesting to read the reviews at Amazon from those who have purchased the book. Not very many yet, but the dissenting reviews really show that there is not yet an agreement on what “modern” really means in the quilting world.

Those of you who enjoy hand dyed fabrics, and perhaps like to dye your own, may enjoy this post about a young dyer, (sp?), who also recycles fibers and fabrics into her quilts. Kind of a contradiction that she also quilts for Levi’s (the jeans maker).

While you’re there, have a look around the Design Sponge website. Very inspiring in many ways for us creative types.


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