never ever again

Hello everybody, Mary Ellen here.

Ran across this blog post about a quilt the blogger will never ever make again. I give her tons of credit for starting, sticking it out through all the paper piecing, and completing the assembly. Now she has the task of removing all of that paper from the back! OMG! I think I like her version better than the one she shows on the pattern cover, but God bless her little pea-picking heart, she has WAY MORE patience and determination than I do.

Have you ever made a quilt (finished one or even started one) that you will never ever do again? I have an unfinished top that I started a while ago. It has paper pieced spring flowers around a pieced center, and it should have a border of pieced triangles. The trouble is that the directions have been inaccurate the whole way through. I made this before I realized that not all designers and pattern companies check their math carefully. I was able to make the center work by some judicious trimming and stretching of blocks. I have made two of the border pieces and they don’t even come close to fitting. After checking everything I have finally figured out it’s not me or an inaccurate seam allowance-it’s their pattern. Of course, Murphy’s quilting law #?, I don’t have enough fabric to start the border over. I know I should think of this as a design opportunity and introduce some other fabric(s) but… You know how that goes. One of these days, I’ll get my Irish up and dive in but not yet.

Come on, share a story of your own “never again” project!

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