I’m back!

Hello everybody, it’s ME.

The month of July has really gotten away from me. I’ve been busy with lots of odds and ends-have no big deal to report on. No fabulous vacation, or beautiful new room in my house. I have been in the garden quite a bit-mostly dragging a sprinkler around on a regular rotation schedule, and trying to keep up with the weeds. The ground is so hard that weeding is really a chore; usually my beds are nice and loose and the weeds come right out. Not this year. Getting set for a mulching and painting blitz outdoors next week-will have a young helper working with me with a strong back. I’ll be playing the “sidewalk superintendent” as my dad used to call it.

I did finally get my next Lucy Goosey block done today. Will post a photo soon. Chose cool colors (blues and greens)-can’t imagine why I wanted it cool this month!

I’m loving the new fall and holiday fabrics that are showing up in the shops. I have some samples to work on for a local shop which gives me an excuse to play with the new fabrics-but I don’t have to spend any money. Still trying, only moderately successfully, to stay away from buying a lot of new fabric this yet. Believe it or not, I have been able to make most of my projects out of my stash. (Those who have seen my stash are now rolling their eyes.)

Moda Fabrics is celebrating their holiday releases with a “Christmas in July” theme. Do you know where this idea comes from originally? Here’s a link to a Moda post with the whole story and some nice fabric ideas as well.

Keep cool! (and pray for rain!)

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