guy quilters

Hello everybody, Mary Ellen again.

When you see a man in a quilt shop, do you assume he’s there to buy a gift for his wife?

If you see a man hand stitching under a shade tree, what do you surmise about him?

Do we take for granted that stitching/quilting is a female domain?

What about those gorgeous stitched kites that were in our quilt show this spring–made by a male stitcher?

Whenever you see or hear about a guy who quilts, do you have a little voice in your head whispering something about his manliness?

Is there a divide between sewing projects that are manly and those that are for the rest of us quilters?

I sure hope we are beyond those stereotypes. Here’s an interview with a dad who quilts who is making quite a name for himself in the world of modern quilters.

And here’s a link to a tongue in cheek video from Tim the Harley Quilter (CFO of Accuquilt) with the Top 10 reasons guys should quilt.

Go teach a guy to quilt!

TTFN–get your next Lucy Goosey block ready to share at this week’s guild meeting!

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