plan for the stash dawgs

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I had an inspiration over coffee this morning. I know that there are dawgs out there in your stashes even though no one has yet admitted to one. How about if each of us with a dawg, cuts a fat quarter of it, puts it in a plain brown paper bag, and seals it up tight. Then at an agreed upon guild meeting we swap bags. A few months later we all reveal the project we made which includes the dawg fabric. Anyone game? If I get a few of you who are willing to play, I will organize (what little is needed!) the swap and come up with  1 or 2 ground rules.  Or maybe this could be one of our next guild challenges? Lynne, are you out there? What do you think?


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5 responses to “plan for the stash dawgs

  1. Jackie Groszkowski

    I think it’s a great idea. Count me in.

  2. Debby Finegan

    I heard of someing similar. In this case you woud put a number of fat quarters in to a lunch bag. Members would draw someone else’s bag and at a predetermined time reveal what they had created for the original owner of the fat quarters. I would think that you could do any number of variations on that idea.

    • Mary Ellen

      I think this would be a possible idea for using up one’s stash in the New Year! So many resolve to use fabric they already have. This would do that, plus you’d get to play with “new” fabric that someone else purchased! We just need to get members who are willing to play!

      • Debby Finegan

        Depending upon the fat quarters and the inclination of the quitlter, this could also double as a source for quilts for courage or for the troops.

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