Where has the summer gone?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Despite the facts of our weather this summer, it seems like summer has been very short. Trying to squash lots of fun into the few days remaining. Went to the zoo yesterday with the 5 year old twin boys I have mentioned here before. Made the mistake of buying them each a glass of orange pop early in the adventure! Acted like hi-test gasoline in those little engines. We did the zoo at a very fast clip. The weather was perfect for the day-so many families and school groups were there enjoying it as well. Lots-o-fun!

Picked up a new quilt magazine the other day at Wegmans. It’s called Generation Q. I’ve followed their blog for a while now. (The Q is for quilting.) It says on the cover that it’s the premiere issue-no subscriptions yet. I often start reading a quilt magazine with the letters from readers and this was no different. Wonder where they got the readers if this is the premiere? Anyway guess who wrote the very first letter to the editor?….. My co-blogger, Marija. Maybe she’ll be able to tell us how she got her early issue that she shows in her photo.
Hey, Amherst quilters are everywhere.

We’re in the count down to our annual seminar. Have you signed up for your class(es) yet? Join us for lots of quilty fun.

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