great easy gift quilt

Hello all, Mary Ellen again.

Got this video in my e-mail this morning. When I find videos from a good source, I usually subscribe to the video channel at YouTube. That way each time a new video is posted, it comes right to me. I’ve been a subscriber to the Missouri Star Quilt Company videos for a long while now. Love Jenny Doan, the mom in the operation of the shop, and her videos.

Jenny’s instructions are nice and clear, she has a nice way about her, they usually feature pre-cuts, and usually are very easy. This video link is for a star quilt with a twist, which uses pre-cut layer cakes. It will work for any size square though, so it’s a perfect one for scraps or yardage as well. Jenny shows a technique for half-square triangle units that I seldom use, to be honest. You get four from a square, but you have bias outer edges. I’m a bit of a stickler about bias, but I will make exceptions. And this is a case where exceptions are the way to go. This fast and easy quilt is too good to pass up. Great way for fast results. New fabrics-new look. Change the size of your square-new look. Mix up the fabrics a bit-new look. Great one to have up your quilter’s sleeve, IMHO!

See what you think.


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2 responses to “great easy gift quilt

  1. Loretta

    Loved this, Mary Ellen.

  2. Janet Reilly

    This was a great video, simple but produced a great star block.

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