getting craftsy

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Have you visited the Craftsy site? You really ought to. Although it is free to join, you don’t have to be a member to visit much of the site. There are all sorts of goodies to explore. As a crafting addict I have supplies for more crafts than I’ll ever be able to complete in several life times. I’ve tried so many things. I think I can name the crafts I have NOT tried in a shorter list–stained glass making, pen and ink drawing, sculpting, glass blowing …  Right now at Craftsy I am taking an online class taught by Anita Grossman Solomon, who was our national seminar teacher last fall. I was only able to take one class of hers during seminar and I really enjoyed it. Haven’t finished the project of course. The block I made in seminar, the pineapple block, is one she will be teaching in this class as well so I’m hoping to get motivated to finish up that project. But I’m also learning so many tips and tricks separate from the projects themselves. Love her starching tips, and I am in total agreement with her pre-washing philosphy. I have had a few catastrophes with dye running (red and blues) and some uneven shrinkage issues with fabric I did not pre-wash. Sometimes surprises are not a good thing! If you weren’t able to take a class from Anita at seminar, or you want a review, or more information you might try this online class. It’s on sale right now, and you will have lifetime access to it once you have paid.

How about Pinterest? Do you have some favorite boards to visit there? Talk about a time waster! Not a waste in that it has no value, but time surely goes by unnoticed as one explores. There is so much to see that hours, literally, can easily be consumed just going from board to board. Whether you like cooking, jewelry making, painting, kids crafts, and on and on–you will find something of interest. Here’s a link to the Craftsy quilting boards at Pinterest. Go have a look!

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