Downton Abbey again

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’ve been working on a UFO hoping to have it ready for the next guild meeting. How are you progressing on your quilting resolutions? I somehow missed this series of posts at the Quilter’s Newsletter blog about the Downton Abbey Sew-In. That would be a good time to reserve for sewing-whether you watch it on Sunday nights or DVR it for later in the week. Wow, what did you think of last week’s episode? Sure didn’t see that coming!

Here’s the link to the 4th blog post from Quilter’s Newsletter about the Irish Chain quilt she is working on as she watches Downton. But…spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen episode 4 yet, and don’t want to know what HUGE event occurred, don’t go to the link until you are ready. You could go to site and read the first three blog posts about her quilt to get a start though!


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2 responses to “Downton Abbey again

  1. Loretta

    Mary Ellen,
    You got me started on the series. I love it. Can’t wait to see it every Sunday evening now. I must admit that I thought the Dr. was so arrogant that he would be wrong. So, I was surprised that everything went well…hmmmm. Going to be interesting to see how this will play out.

  2. kquilt17

    I’m finally all caught up. I had to watch the first two seasons on Netflix and Amazon prime, and the first few episodes of season 3 online, since I’m late joining the bandwagon. I love the characters, scenery and the fashions. I knew where the plot was going and didn’t like it very much. Now I just have to remember to watch on sunday nights, I’m not used to having anything I usually watch at that time.

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