sewing for this holiday

Hello all, Mary Ellen here again.

Is Valentine’s Day another Hallmark holiday? Do you celebrate it in any particular way?

I should have posted this sooner but just found this compilation of Valentine sewing projects this morning. Some are easy enough to finish up for this year-others can go on file. Of course there is nothing wrong with giving a little special gift to someone for no reason at all. Maybe that’s the best kind actually. This is Random Acts of Kindness week so if your project isn’t done by V’s Day, give it anyway!


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2 responses to “sewing for this holiday

  1. Thank you very much for featuring my compilation – I’m ashamed to say I never got round to making any myself yet! But you can show someone you love them on any day – and some of these are just great ideas anyway. Thanks once again, Deby

  2. Joann

    The V-Day sachet would make a cute needle/ pin holder ( different size on each heart) and if you stuff the sachet, you’d have a pin cushion as well.

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