cheery projects

Hello all, it’s ME again.

I’ve been looking around for some cheerful warm weather type projects. I’ll share a few I’ve found.

Love to check in at Purlbee now and then. They have great project ideas for both knitting and quilting, two hobbies I enjoy. This one is actually stitchery more than patchwork, but that’s where I found it at the site. Great looking coasters–they’ve used wool felt, but craft felt would work too. It just wouldn’t be as absorbent when your Long Island ice tea glass begins to sweat. click here.

I know we’re past Easter, but in my backyard we are into full swing bunny season. They tell all their friends to come to the salad bar at Mary Ellen’s. It’s hard to keep them from some of the perennial shoots-particularly they seem to love the bachelor buttons (centaurea, I think is the Latin name). So here’s the bunny purse: click here.

This is not a quilting project. It’s a remake of a plain tee shirt into a snazzy one.  Great project for any teens you sew with, or for yourself even if you love a good DIY clothing project. Lots of possibilities for the creative bargain hunter. click here.

Any project made with this cheerful fabric from our upcoming guest, Pat Sloan, would be so fun to sew on and use. Check out her video about the new fabric line. I know of at least one of our area shops that will be carrying this line. (Hint, I give classes there.) click here.

Very cute bunny surrounded by carrots or an apple blossom table runner found here.

Paper pieced daffodil, iris, pansy and many more here.

Enough of this, heading out for a Mother’s Day breakfast with friends! Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Roxanne

    New fabric line from Pat Sloan is wonderful. By the way your salad bar comment made me laugh. The bunnies are my house are eating up a storm too.

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