why smile?

Hello all, ME again.

After finding yesterday’s link to the “dispatchwork” completely by accident, I decided to see what else I could find about this urban art.

First after examining the map carefully, I noticed that there are some spots not awfully far from us. Not requiring a passport anyway! Perhaps if you are visiting Troy, NY or Albany, you might come across these bright spots.

Secondly here’s a link to the background story. click here

Thirdly I’ve been mulling over “vandalism vs art”. Recently in the Buffalo News a graffiti tagger was shown serving his community service sentence, given for his repeated spray painting of public spaces. I’m trying to decide where the line is between destructive “art” (as the taggers call it), and this sort of Lego art. How far could an artist go before becoming a vandal?

Finally I wonder if more of this sort of “harmless” (my personal opinion) art would foster an appreciation for old buildings by “repairing” them in a fun way. Perhaps folks would look at our old buildings through different eyes, hoping for restoration rather than razing. We certainly have plenty of spots in our area that could benefit from some Lego insertions. Wouldn’t it be fun to encourage artists to add this type of inexpensive work to our down town areas?

Just musing on the state of the world over my morning coffee…



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2 responses to “why smile?

  1. Eileen Snee

    I was impressed with your guest Dennis Foster’s quilts and kites back in April. Do you have a contact address or could forward mine to him? Or has he a web site or blog? I make and fly kites and sometimes quilts and live down under in Australia. Thank you for your help.

    • Mary Ellen

      Hi Eileen, As I responded in a PM to you, I will try to get his information for you. Welcome to our side of the world, at least figuratively. I hope your guild’s show goes well this weekend; our guild is in the planning stages for a show next April.

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