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What a Beauty!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Yesterday I went on a “back stage” tour of the Heritage Village Archives. This is a perk of being a museum member-not a part of the guild membership. I had received the same mailing about it that all members receive and decided I’d love to see what’s up in the museum ” attic” so to speak. There were only two of us in the afternoon group so we got a great opportunity to be up close to the items (this tour focused on quilts and textiles) but since there were only 2 of us Jessica and Kayla showed us just about everything. How cool is that!?!   Take advantage of these museum opportunities–there’s another tour tomorrow. Maybe there is still space-you do need to reserve a spot in these tours. Besides the quilts and garments of the same eras, I really enjoyed looking at the garments they have from the 60’s and 70’s–both everyday clothing and gowns. I remembered having things so similar to some of those in the collection. Very,very fun and interesting. I highly recommend you go on one of these backstage visits–you’ll love it!

One humorous note-as we were passing the group of office machines I commented on the very old typewriter that they have. I shared a story of being in a stationery shop which also has an old typewriter, in which they feature signs of the current special events. I happened to be in the shop one day when the owner asked one of the young staff members to roll the newest list of specials into the typewriter…and the youngster had no idea how to roll the paper into the typewriter!! Well yesterday Kayla (also so young!!) admitted she too would not know how to go about it. The rest of us laughed and talked a bit about typing with carbon paper, erasing your errors and thereby getting the papers all out of alignment, and the assorted tribulations of working with typewriters. How many of you remember those days?! I guess that makes the bunch of us old codgers, doesn’t it?!

Today in my quilty e-mail was a newsletter from Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims’ blog. Much of what they have at their site is free-I don’t pay the subscription fee anymore. Basically I’m only missing some of their videos and I find enough free ones on the web to satisfy me. Today there is a slide show of some spectacular New York Beauty quilts being featured. Several shots are shown of each quilt so you can see the piecing well and the absolutely gorgeous quilting on some of them. It’s about 11 minutes long, so brew a cup of tea and get ready for some true quilting eye candy! Click here.

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Back to Normal??

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Life is ever so slowly returning to some normalcy. I’m trying to plan visits to my mom as just one more thing to do each week and to not worry about them so much. We’ve been lucky to find a great crew of aides who are taking very good care of her. …But it’s my mom so you know how that goes.

Our guild seminar went well. Pat Sloan was a hit among all who took her classes. Even several ladies who said they didn’t really quilt in Pat’s style came out at the end of the day having loved the class. Just shows how if you go into a class with an open mind, you are hardly ever disappointed. (Many of you missed a great opportunity by not giving her a try. Don’t make the same mistake with next year’s guest: Bonnie Hunter of Pat is very friendly and easy to talk to–no “diva” tendencies that we have experienced from some of our national teachers in the past. We were told that she made all feel at ease, sharing so much of her own knowledge and industry insider info. I’m hoping that stories from members who took classes from her are going to be shared at our meetings and other quilty get-togethers.

I got to chat with many quilters during the course of the week. Some were members of our guild who I already knew, and I made some new acquaintances as well. From one of them I learned of a new quilt blog and group that I had not heard of before: The Bad A** Quilters Society. (Those asterisks are mine–hoping not to offend any of you!) I explored the website a bit and decided I’d be going back to see even more. Well guess what!? In one of my e-mails this morning from a group I subscribe to, a project from the Bad A** group was shared. I think it could make a great, relatively quick and easy, gift idea. We all are always on the look out for those. This one could work with scraps, or you could pull together coordinated fabrics too. Here’s a link to the project: click here. While you’re there, have a look around at the rest of the site and see if it matches your philosophy of quilting. Don’t have one? Think about that: why do you quilt? What’s in it for you? Answering that question is your last chance to enter a comment in our 40,000 hit blog candy give away!!! At the end of this week I’ll start choosing names randomly from all the comments entered since I first announced the commenting contest. Great Prizes coming up, you don’t want to miss out.


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Happy Autumn!

Hi everyone,

I am back literally (from my overseas visit to my family) and virtually (right here on the blog) and finally catching up with my life…

My trip was great, if we forget not one, but TWO encounters with pesky stomach viruses…bleh. Got one as soon as we arrived to Belgrade and then another one when we came back! That one kept me home, missing all the fun of our Seminar – double bleh!! Second one was even a bit worse, but hey, I survived and it is time to get on with life!

Hard to find a place to begin though, with all the emotions and inspirations from the trip and all the stuff waiting here, once I came back. So, lets start with some images to share with you from Serbia, country I was born in. Not sure if you know, but quilting really doesn’t exist there as a traditional art/craft but many other things do! Hand embroidery is one of them:

IMG_8216Knitting is another:

IMG_8217 IMG_8220And a very old one, mostly from the past is weaving. Below is a quick shot of stack of bed-size “kilims” (you could say they were in old times as quilts were here, a proper dowry?), that my mother-in-law did when she was young girl and new bride…many years ago. Wish she still had her loom, but it’s gone.

IMG_8869 A close-up:

IMG_8870And another close-up of a smaller thing – this is actually a woven belt, worn as a part of the traditional outfit in old days. This one was actually made by my husband’s grandma (it is only about 4″ wide and about 4 feet long):

IMG_8871With such detail, I would call it a “miniature” of the weaving, don’t you think? Amazing.

I wonder how much this art is alive still over there? Definitely not as alive as quilting is here, but I hope it won’t disappear. The others are doing better, since those images I showed you above are actually from women selling their creations to tourists in this small town called Vrnjacka Banja, where MY grandma used to live and now my mom and aunt spent their summers. I love how these ladies still work, while vending:

IMG_8215There is so much more I could show you… I do have hundreds of photos!  Maybe more later. 🙂

Now, happy first full day of Autumn! Love the chill in the air and even some first shot of fall colors! This is what I saw during the morning walk with Marley:

???????????????????????????????All those brilliant colors are coming, inspiration will be everywhere and since gardens will go to sleep slowly, it also means – more time to sew! I hope all you lucky ones who enjoyed Seminar have lots to share soon – can’t wait to see!

I had to miss it but I KNOW Seminar was great and HUGE, BIG THANK YOU goes to Mary Ellen and Jan as co-chairs and ALL of the Seminar committee and volunteers!!

Hope all of you will leave comments here, telling us all your impressions of Seminar, what you learned, what projects you started? Show some love to all hard-working Seminar volunteers! 🙂

Off I go, lunch break over – talk to you all soon! Have a marvelous Monday,



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It’s starting

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Heading out to the museum to set up for our fall seminar. Classes begin tomorrow with a lecture by our national guest, Pat Sloan, in the evening. All of the preparation is finishing up, and in the morning the fun starts!! Still not too late to join us–come on, you’ll like it!

I was checking out Pat Sloan’s blog this morning and she shared a link to a wonderfully redesigned sewing machine. Not only does it have great new features, but it is a beautifully designed piece as well. Almost looks like structural art. Have a look and watch the video. Click here.

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long time gone

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I’ve been dealing with some health issues for my mom. She had a stroke this summer and has been in the hospital, rehab and a nursing home. We are now moving her back home (2 hours from here) with full time aides. That has consumed whatever “extra” time I have had this summer. Here’s hoping that with her at home, and good help from the aides, that things will get into a groove soon.

Our guild seminar starts next week Wednesday. Still have room in most of the classes (check our guild website in the sidebar) so you still can join the fun. It’s going to be great-you shouldn’t miss it! You definitely can come hear our national guest, Pat Sloan, give her lecture/trunk show on Wednesday evening. (7:00 p.m. at the Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village) The lecture is open to the public. ($8 for non-members, $4 for Heritage Village members, and free for our guild members) Keep an eye on our blog here and Pat Sloan’s blog (click here) for updates throughout the week.

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