What’s Up with Me…

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Been playing catch up lately. First, do you remember that I announced a run for some blog candy after we hit out 40,000 visitor milestone? I bet some of you thought I forgot all about it. I didn’t forget, but I did put it on the back burner for a while. I have since counted up how many comments have been made since I threw down the gauntlet and will shortly be announcing the winners. I plan to award the prizes at our November guild meeting. Thanks to all who have commented; please keep it up. It’s an incentive to me to keep posting when I know some one is reading.

I keep a little notebook of quilting ideas for “out of the ditch” quilting done with a walking foot. I love the chevron quilting on the quilt here. I’ll be adding this one to the notebook. If you’ve taken my class or we’ve talked about this idea, maybe you’ll want to add this one to your idea file too. I’m looking forward to seeing this quilter’s upcoming book. Seems like she has some fresh designs for precuts that might be fun to try.

Over at Favequilts.com our Marija’s snowman attic window quilt is featured today. They’re calling it the top HOT quilt for winter! I didn’t know it was hers until I clicked on the pattern link to see the method used for the attic windows. If you haven’t seen this done before, this is a great way to use some of your collection of panel prints. I’m always tempted by the lovely panel prints that seem to come out in droves around this time of year. Probably because they can be the basis for easy gifts for the holidays. Go have a look at Marija’s idea. Click here.

And what else have I been doing? Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. They’re lovely in the spring and summer but now that my Snyder neighborhood is shedding it’s green canopy, they’re everywhere in large quantities. The silver maples are still holding on, so it won’t be over for some time yet!



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One response to “What’s Up with Me…

  1. Oh, thank you so much Mary Ellen – you made my morning coffee break! I didn’t even see yet that this particular project was showcased again! They sure did love it over on Favequilts.com and they say it is the viewers that determine that – so I am really thrilled! I recently learned how to put ALL my tutorials on one PAGE in my blogs (well, the links for them) – so on top of the blog there is a new TAB called Tutorials and all the links for ALL the tutorials I did so far are there – there is quite a few I did in 2011 for the holiday projects, so I hope this page helps everyone to easily find it!
    I LOVE how that new book looks like and it sounds really fun! That chevron quilting is amazing – must try! (says me, the in-love-of-free-motion girl …but it is so good to stretch your skills!)

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