origami ornaments

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

What a surprise this morning when I checked the thermometer before heading out on our daily constitutional with the canine companion. 14 degrees!! He got his sweater put on him, and I got out my Nanook of the North hat! Thank Goodness the wind was calm, or we would not have gone far at all. As it was we only traveled around 3 blocks as my fingertips were protesting, even though they were encased in mittens rather than gloves. I think while I’m out and about doing some holiday shopping, I’m going to get some new outerwear for myself.

I’ve been looking for some nice fabric origami ornaments to make for this year. Found this great idea.  (click here) I’m going to test this out with paper first, but I love the look of her samples. Just replace her word “hexagon” with the correct word “pentagon” as you read her description. The video she links to is very good and clear. I’m not certain how ornery the fabric will be in all those folds.

This is a link (click here) to a different fabric origami ornament I have made in the past-very easy, particularly if you own a 60 degree triangle ruler to cut out your equilateral triangles. Honestly, very simple. Scroll down in the linked post to the directions using a fabric triangle rather than a hexagon. Very fast and surprisingly lovely for being so easy.

Today I plan to do some papercrafting, rather than sewing.  Got to get going on my Christmas cards and the small gifts for the hairdresser, cleaning lady, etc. What are you up to today?

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  1. Jo Ann Castiglia

    Perfect day to sit by the fireplace and appliqué hexagons flowers. Hopefully will be done in time for the quilt show. About those Christmas gifts—-yikes!!!! Not enough time. How does that happen every year!!!🌲🌲🌲🌲

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