getting back to a routine?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

It seems that life is ever so slowly getting back into a normal routine. The holiday decorations are back in storage (except for the outdoor wreath on my gate), the kids are back to school (except for the snow days), and I’m back to the machine (except for when I’m knitting).  Do those exceptions all mean it’s not a normal routine? Hmm…

I’m working on my favorite type of quilt now. It looks fairly tricky, but it’s actually quite simple. Don’t you love that kind of pattern? This one is from one of the jelly roll and pre-cut books by the Lintotts. I have several of their books: well written and clever ideas for those pre-cut bundles that are so hard to resist. I’ll get the exact title for you shortly. (Here it is at amazon.)The only ever so slight trickiness comes from the fact that the rows are actually on the diagonal, rather than the regular horizontal and vertical. The diagonal set of the blocks is what makes it look more complicated that it is. Photo soon.

Here’s a link to some very interesting art work. It’s amazing to think that these quilts are not made from fabric–they are sculpted from wood! Have a look here. ( I had a reader ask about what I was attempting to show you at that link. When it opens, all 4 of the items in the illustration are wooden, even the clothing. The one to the farthest left is a sculpture of a quilt. Click on it to go to more pages of quilts, all of them sculpted from wood).

That’s all for today folks. TTFN.

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