Using your scraps

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

teddy on b hunter quilt

Not all quilters enjoy scrap quilting. There is something way too random for the taste of many quilters when you start making a tossed salad of all sorts of fabrics. I’ve made a few scrappy quilts that push the envelope a bit too much even for me. (The dog loves them though; he’s lying on one of them in that photo.) Thus comes the concept of “planned scrappy”. By adding just a bit of structure to the scrappy theme, more quilters can become comfortable with some scrappiness in their quilts. After all, if you are a lover of Kim Diehl fabrics, for example, you probably have quite a few scraps from her lines. They all go together, don’t they? Or perhaps you have blue in every quilt you make. A 2 color quilt with a variety of blue scraps paired with a variety of creams could be lovely.

Our national teacher for seminar this fall, Bonnie Hunter, is a self-described scrapaholic. This morning while checking out the Quiltmaker magazine blog (Bonnie writes a column for each issue called “Addicted to Scraps”.) I ran across this video (here it is). Although Bonnie isn’t the narrator, it is based on a block Bonnie designed for a special issue of blocks which Quiltmaker publishes each year. In the video some good hints for choosing scraps for a block or quilt are given. See what you think. I’m again throwing out a challenge that we make lots of scrappy quilts to share with Bonnie this fall, even if they’re not from her patterns. How about it?

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One response to “Using your scraps

  1. Robi Witulski

    Once again…sign me up! Already started the new Leaders and Enders challenge while finishing up quilts for the show next month. One of my entries is one of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts. Just my preference, but I like scrap quilts best of all. I once had to make a two-color quilt. That didn’t mean two fabrics…there were several fabrics involved, but only two colors. The scraps seem to come alive when put together.

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