a blizzard?!!!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Do you think that all the weather forecasters just love these storm forecasts? Last night Don Paul was actually scolding the school superintendents who had not yet closed their districts for today. So far it’s not bad outside–we’ll see what develops. Today is trash day in my neighborhood; I’m hoping I’ll be able to bring the totes back up from the curb before it gets too deep. I stopped in the grocery store yesterday and as often happens with these forecasts, the “joint was jumpin”. Milk, bread, eggs, tp …you native Buffalonians know what to do.

I’m planning to do a lot of sewing! Got out some UFO’s. First my Lucy Goosey blocks. Remember those? (Look in the sidebar categories for a memory refresher.) I want to make 2 more blocks for the setting I have in mind. Found this great (if you like paper piecing) basketweave braid star block that I think will go well with the ones that are already complete. I made my blocks in a scrappy theme of somewhat tropical colors. I plan to do the 4 sections of the basketweave star in the four colors that I’ve used in the other blocks. I think for the last block I’ll do another wonky star, but put something different in the center square. Have a look here at the basketweave star.

What are you up to today? Got enough basics in your pantry for a day or two?


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5 responses to “a blizzard?!!!

  1. lori46

    It’s 10:30am and I can see the reason for the hype.Good day to stay home and sew. Although I only did two Lucy blocks, they are going into a table runner. Maybe I’ll finish it today.

  2. Jackie Groszkowski

    Thanks for the basket-weave star pattern. I love it! I’m a dyed in the wool paper-piecer and am always looking for new patterns. This one is a winner!

  3. Paula Foerder

    I love that block. Not that fond of foundation piecing but this one is worth the effort. I’m at home baking…the YMCA is having a bake sale tomorrow & Friday to raise money for their kids’ programs. So far I’ve made 2 kinds of cookies.

  4. JoAnn Castiglia

    Uhmm, the sky is blue, and the pool water is great and I’m ready to go swimming with my son and family!!!,🌴🌴🌴🌞🌞🌞

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