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a quilt I will never make

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Every now and then I run across a quilt that I know I would never ever make. And here’s a clip featuring one of them. I like the original name for it: Insanity! I know that many traditionalists will absolutely love this quilt; we have a separate category in our guild shows for quilts of this type. I appreciate the workmanship, the precision, the patience but as I said…Insanity!  click here


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more morning thoughts

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Lovely sunny spring morning. Shh! don’t jinx it! Here in WNY we’re still in the “anything could happen” stage of weather.

Was thinking about going out to get new sneakers today and came across this in my inbox. Love it! All of you zentangling ladies might like it too. click here

Lovely idea here for coloring stitchery blocks. She has a free BOM quilt available too. click here

Same woman’s site-great idea for a mother’s day gift, either the gift itself or its wrap. click here

If you have an upcoming graduation or wedding for a social media junkie, then this hashtag block might be just what you need for the quilt you are going to make. (Don’t we always make quilts for those occasions?) click here


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Happy Easter! Mary Ellen here.

Perusing the internet for springy, Eastery,” bunnyish” things today as I enjoy my morning coffee. Found the picture above, the inspiration for this post, at Pinterest. The work looked a bit familiar so I chased down the originator of the stitching. Sometimes for no particular reason I like to go to Barnes and Noble and just browse for a few hours. I will often spend a bit of time in the children’s book section, especially enjoying those books that are richly illustrated. I think that is where I knew of this stitcher’s work. Perhaps you will recognize her style too. This is a link to a very short film about her work, with links to her own blog posts about the stages of the construction of Rabittat. click here.

What beautiful work she does-and amazing to me-all by hand!

Have a beautiful Easter everyone!

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musing #2

It’s M.E. back again,

I think I might be on my way to “Queen of the World” status! Any one out there also in the running?

Quilty Quotes


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Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’ve been cleaning up a bit in the sewing room, adding larger and larger pieces to the scraps (because I have found someone to give them to who provides a good life for them…they actually end up in quilts). I’ve decided I may have an issue with the amount of fabric I have. Seriously am trying to cut back on new purchases. Maybe you can relate to this. Am I a hoarder or a collector or just way behind on my “to do” list of quilts?



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Virtual visit to our quilt show

Hi everyone,

well – WE DID IT!

Show was wonderful, colorful, full of visitors, old and new friends, demos and shopping…well done Amherst Guild!!

Special thanks go to our two show co-chairs – Kelly and Kit for all the hard work, as well as all and any committee chairs, volunteers and last minute, impromptu helpers – ALL together made yet another wonderful quilt show! I am almost sad that we need to wait for two years now! Ha, ha!

Did you take lots of photos? If you want me to share them here, please, please email them to me and I will!

Here are some of mine:

we had our first participation of many members of new, WNY Modern Quilt Guild – thank you to all who entered their quilts!


IMG_2096  ???????????????????????????????   Our former president and friend Betty Lerner came to visit!

???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? Our hand-quilting experts at work:


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Cheryl’s quilt had so much lovely embroidery, it was so much fun to look and look again! 🙂


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_2249 ???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Beautiful, BIG flower garden… ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? I really liked Sue’s quilt, specially how quilting went with it!


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Lauren’s quilts need no words… 🙂


??????????????????????????????? LOVED colors in Mary’s quilt: ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Some scrap-quilts out of this world…


some with only few colors and great visual effect:



There is so, so much more! My main impression from the show (other than sheer JOY) is that we have such an amazing VARIETY – in styles, in colors, is sizes, in ideas…AMAZING!! Don’t you think?

I will have to divide all this beauty into few blog posts but of course will leave you with the grand-winner, the Best in Show – Lauren’s beauty:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Have a wonderful Wednesday my quilty friends,


(appropriately heading off to start another Beginners Quilting class and add more “addicts” to this world!)

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This is it!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here!

This is quilt show weekend here in Amherst. Hoping to see you out at the village from 10-4 today, tomorrow and/or Sunday. The quilt auction is at 3:00 Sunday afternoon. Saw them all at the preview party last night, and as always there are so many gorgeous quilts!

Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village

3755 Tonawanda Creek Road (corner of New Road and Tonawanda Creek)

Amherst, NY


See you there! Come up and introduce yourself. I’ll be at the seminar table all day, each day.

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It’s here, it’s here…


…both – spring and OUR QUILT SHOW!!

Monday and Tuesday was a lot of work but as always, we pulled it off and our Quilt Show, that started like this…



…went to this!!


And these are just few quick ones I took as we finished yesterday – not the best photos, I know but rest assured, more is coming! 🙂

Now we all know that pictures are NEVER nearly as good as seeing quilts “live”, so for all of you non-members, readers of this blog even remotely local – come this weekend to see it all!

Over 200 quilts, in an amazing variety of styles and sizes – from several beautiful antique quilts to nice display of modern quilts and everything in between! First time this year, we have a Modern Quilt category and quite a display of quilts from local, new WNY Modern Quilt Guild! In addition, over a dozen amazing vendors, free demos every day, food available and live, mini quilt auction on Sunday at 3pm. In short – a whole weekend of handmade, one-of-a-kind beauty, inspiration and fun!


Quilts are being judged as I write this blog, so there will be some ribbons excitement too of course!

Can’t wait to see you all this weekend!


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more of this and that

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

It’s getting more spring like every morning. Daffodils are up in the garden about 4″. Still no sign of life in the hellebores though, and they’re usually the first ones. Crazy winter this year.

Bonnie Hunter (our seminar teacher this fall) is on the road again. Here’s a link to her post with a slide show of a Boxy Stars class she taught over the weekend. She’ll be teaching that class for us too. It’s always fun to see the same project in all the different color choices in a class. Maybe you’ll get an idea for that fabric bundle that’s been sitting in your stash for so long.  click here.

Do you enjoy sewing bags and purses? Are you a fan of Nancy Zieman? If you answered yes to both, then you may want to take part in her upcoming live webcast. Info here.

We’re heading to Earth Day-used to pay much more attention to the various holidays while I was still teaching, but still they’re fun now and then as an old #$%^# too. Quilters have been recycling for years, since way before it was fashionable.  Making something out of little bits of fabric left from all sorts of projects. Originally only the wealthiest quilters could buy fabric specifically for a quilt. We still do recycle fabrics, but for the most part we now buy fabric specifically for our quilting projects. Those of us who love selvage projects can be a bit self-righteous about keeping fabric out of land fills. How about those of us who have lots of leftovers from our garment sewing days? What are we to do to use up some of our “stuff”? Lots of button projects all over the place–easy to find at crafty sites and on Pinterest.  Here’s a source for ideas using leftover bits of trims.  I have a stash of short bits of hem tape, twill tape and commercial bias tape. It seemed that one package was never quite enough, and two packages were way too much–hence the leftovers. Cute ideas to be found in this list. Click here.

Heading down to the Southern Tier today. If the hillsides have begun to green up, it will be a pretty ride. Maybe I’ll find a batch of pussy willows to buy at a farm stand along the way. The ones around here aren’t out yet. A vase of pussy willows with daffodils is a spring treat for me.


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odds and ends

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I know we have quite a few Kim Diehl fans in our bunch. This slideshow came in my e-mail today from The Quilt Show (the Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims adventure). Even with my lowly free membership I still get good things to watch and try out. Here’s a link (click here) to a slideshow of Kim Diehl’s quilts staged in her own home. Wow, I’m jealous of such lovely surroundings! Kim is doing some workshops and an evening trunk show for the shop Material Rewards in Dansville, NY. It’s not far from here, certainly close enough for a road trip if you love Kim’s work.

Our seminar brochure is at the printers and will be ready for members to pick up when you visit our guild’s quilt show next weekend (April 11-13,2014). I’ve also sent the information to our webmaster, so it will be appearing at our web page (link in the side bar) as well before long. We’ve gotten many inquiries from Bonnie Hunter fans from far and wide, so I’m guessing that Bonnie’s followers are as avid as Kim’s. Hoping to see many of you at seminar this fall. I think Marija has come up with a nice collection of classes taught by local teachers too. Many of you wrote in past seminar evaluations that you would enjoy classes on a variety of techniques, not always “quilting” per se, and more projects that can be completed in the day. I think that Marija has done a great job in addressing those requests. Hopefully you will agree.

Getting excited for our own quilt show. Today and tomorrow are the drop off days for items entered in the show. I’m hoping to snoop a bit when I take my own things to the Village for drop off. (I keep wanting to call it the museum, but it’s not that any longer. When I’ve asked why the staff is moving away from the museum moniker, I’ve been told that “museum” implies more of a “stand back and look” at static exhibits kind of approach. Our village is aiming to be more of a hands on, get involved, living history sort of place. I can buy that, so I’m trying to train myself to call it the village too.)

TTFN! Have a great day.

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