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Hello all, Mary Ellen again.

Bonnie Hunter, our fall seminar teacher, has been on the road quite a bit lately. I’ve subscribed to her blog feed and was so jealous of the seminar she gave at Mackinac Island. An absolutely gorgeous setting, both in the Grand Hotel (grand in every sense of the word), and the naturally grand setting around the island. I would love to go there. The seminar was actually a needlework seminar (not just quilting) so other needle arts were featured as well. I think I’ll put that one on my bucket list. Click here for one of her posts about the island.

A while ago Bonnie filmed a segment with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims to be shown on their internet based The Quilt Show. Here’s a slide show of some of Bonnie’s bits. Click here.

Registration for our seminar is going well. We have 2 of Bonnie’s classes full already. I wonder though why more than half of the registrations are from non-members. I hope our members haven’t hesitated too long, and been closed out of a class they wanted to take. Still have room in Bonnie’s other 2 classes, although the Saturday class is getting close to the limit. Slow registration for the local teachers–I’m guessing folks are waiting for the photos and supply lists to go up at the web. The deadline for teachers to get the information to us is June 1, so all will be posted soon thereafter!


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  1. I’m one of the non members who was lucky enough to get in. I have attended your seminars for years though and can’t understand why your members aren’t more enthusiastic about Seminar. You have always had wonderful national teachers that we’d never get a chance to take a class from otherwise and Seminar is always so well run. I also agree with you about the Grand Hotel – it looks like my kind of place and I’d love to go there one day.

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