bits and piecing

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Heading off for an eye exam shortly. It’s getting harder and harder to thread those darn needles! I’m sure many of you can relate. I think I am going to graduate from drug store readers to a real pair of glasses. (Of course, maybe not, when I hear the price tag info!)

As I kill a few minutes surfing around the internet I’m sharing the sites for fun things I find.

Huge button art for your sewing room wall (It’s DIY so you can keep the price in check. Would make a great gift too for any seamstress friend.) click here

Clever way to take simple scraps and Christmas ornaments up a notch. If you have some kid’s craft foam around the house from other projects, you’re all set. click here

From one of my favorite sources for classy free patterns, a twenty-minute tote! They use cotton webbing for the straps which is why it’s so fast. If you made your own straps instead you would take the time factor up a bit, but bring the cost factor down. You choose which route you prefer. click here

If you were at the guild meeting, didn’t you love the Matryoshka Dresden that Paula shared? Perhaps she’ll share which wedge ruler she used, or how she adapted one of the basic ones for a circle of the size she made.



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  1. Paula Foerder

    The matryoshka Dresden was fun to make. I used a 15 degree ruler (so 24 wedges). Because the center was a circle (think donut) I didn’t have to worry about all the seams in the middle. The corners are 6 shorter wedges. I found the matryoshka fabric online at I made paper copies of the fabric first to try cutting the wedges to get proper alignment.

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