just because

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.
We’ve all been seeing bits about the Ice Bucket Challenge everywhere in the news of late. Do you know who Lou Gehrig is? I come from a family where my sister is nuts over baseball. She requested a trip to Fenway Park for her honeymoon! My grandfather got her started as a Red Sox Fan as a tiny tyke and she’s still one today. We always had baseball on the tv or radio through the season each year. Although Lou played for the Yankees, he was one of the players that all true baseball fans admire. Even if you’re not a baseball fan yourself, if you are aware of youth baseball programs because of a child in your life, I’m certain you’ve heard the name Lou Gehrig mentioned.

It’s the 75th anniversary (July 4, 1939) of Lou Gehrig’s speech about his “bad break”. I’m sharing this video clip with you just because. I wish we still had a culture which revered athletes for being gentlemen. I know there are many current athletes who are true gentlemen, but it seems they don’t get the same amount of press that the bad boys do. Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Get out a kleenex or two, and have a look. click here  for a modern montage or  here for a blend of his original speech with a clip from the movie “Pride of the Yankees.”

Something to think about while watching the ice water flow.


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2 responses to “just because

  1. lori46

    Thanks for sharing this. I grew up in A Yankee family, listening to the radio with my dad. He always spoke of Lou Gehrig and now I know why. We can all take something away from his speech and conduct. Thanks again.

    PS: I did use the tissue!

  2. Janet Reilly

    Thanks. Lou Gehrig was a great athlete and a true gentleman. ALS is a horrible disease, my sister-in-law died just 6 months after being diagnosed. Lets hope all these ice buckets put medical science on the road to a cure for ALS.

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