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Blog-chatting perks – we have a winner!

Hi everyone,

I am so bummed I had to miss the meeting again!! It seems that un-planned things always happen on Thursday, the Guild night?? yeah…last night was unexpected family shuffle as some were battling a little stomach bug that baby is giving everyone these days (but me! – grandma is immune! )

Oh well – maybe in July I will just take a day off when Guild night comes, ha ha!

In the meantime – using my coffee break here at work to quickly draw a winner of a surprise I promised, as I promised!!

So…what is the prize?? Maybe you guessed it already, but yes – it’s a BOOK! Book we talked about – IRICH CHAIN QUILTS, Contemporary Twist on Classic Design.


We had 8 guild members comment (so now we know what they are up to!), each got a number assigned in order of comments appearing – THANK YOU ALL!!! And on that photo you might have took a glimpse of the Random Number Generator that said that the book goes to……(drum roll !!!) …. number two comment…



Congrats Roxy!!! We need to get in touch so I can give you your new book. 🙂

By the way – I really like this one and I think we need it also in our Guild’s library – what do you say?

Also – have you found a good quilting book or new gadget lately? Care to share with everyone? PLEASE DO – let us know in the comments what other goodies are out there for us quilters?? 

Now have to run back to my test tubes and Petri dishes, coffee break is over! (well this one included Paula’s doughnuts too…. love my co-workers!)

I think I have another question coming for you all soon (and another prize?? 🙂  ) – stay tuned!

Wishing you all wonderful weekend celebrating all fathers everywhere!


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Hello stranger…. (and a tiny surprise at the end, so read on! )

…and that would be ME! 😦

Hello everyone,

sorry to be MIA for so long from our blog!! What can I say… just life in general! New job, too much fun with my granddaughter, summertime… excuses, excuses!!

But early this morning, while it was pouring outside and I couldn’t go for a walk with Marley, I was browsing quilty blogosphere of course, with my morning coffee…and thought that this particular new book (and the fun Blog Hop that goes with it), could be interesting for you all too! IRISH CHAIN QUILTS by Melissa Corry


The subtitle is what I really, really LOVE – contemporary twists on a classic design!! And lets just say it from the start – I have no affiliations of course, I don’t even have the book YET! I just love the idea, love the quilts I saw so far and thought to share for inspiration. 🙂 I really LOVE the block that is on schedule today, by Lee from Freshly Pieced!

Anyway… If you like Blog Hops like I do, this book’s release has one and I find a lot of great inspirations on it – you can find it HERE. You will have a list of blogs and dates when to visit and yes some chances to win in there too…hey you never know! Just fun stuff!

So what are you up to these days? Lots of gardening?

In my garden this year, Clematis seems to be a “star” – huge blooms and lots of them!!


Oh but we also have FRUIT!!! The peach tree my husband planted in honor of our new granddaughter (who we all lovingly called Peaches, before she was born) now has peaches!! So exciting!!


Some new quilting and sewing?

In my sewing room…some new fabric to play with, to re-do and re-vamp some old patterns of mine… what do you think? Like?IMG_0599Can we chat about it? (oh, here comes that little surprise….)

Let us all know what you are up to these days in comments!! Everyone that comments will be entered to win a little prize from me!!!

So what is the prize? Hmmm…well that is a surprise too!!! (hey, but I promise it will be good!) Lets try to do this quick and I can even bring the prize to the guild meeting on Thursday!!!

So – GO! Comment away – we are nosy and want to know what are you up to this summer!!!

here is one of the things I was up to recently…making a bunny skirt!! Yes, I know…going a bit baby crazy… but LOVING IT!! 🙂


Wishing you all a lovely day and week ahead, see you Thursday too,


PS – I just realized that I need to be fair to ALL readers of this blog, not only AQG members – so ALL of you are welcome to comment and there will be one prize for AQG member (you all have till Thursday!) and one for non-member, reader at large – you have till the end of the week (just say in your comment you are not a member). PHEW! glad I got this fixed… 🙂


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2014 in review

Hi everyone!

Survived preps and enjoyed holidays, I hope?

Back in your sewing room?

I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for and you were surrounded with love of family and friends. And if we are honest – those two are two of the same thing, right? 🙂

As for me – most definitely they are the same thing and I count my blessings every day. Needless to say holiday preparations were busy and crazy, topped with a “lovely” event of our tree falling down this year…yeah, and right after we finished putting on the last ornament and the top and went to dining room to have dinner…A first for us, but hey, it is all good at the end – few broken ornaments but none that are important memories, and after few “repairs” – voila:

IMG_4959With the most important part here of course:

IMG_4960Our little granddaughter Juliana is growing so fast, already crawling under the tree and loved tearing that wrapping paper of course… Oh and trying to “eat” some ornaments if possible! 🙂

So now that we all unwrapped presents and recycled the wrapping paper (anyone uses fabric for wrapping?? I always wanted to…), lets move on to the second part of holiday traditions – reflecting on past year, making those resolutions we won’t keep (or will??), trying to be better in some ways…

How are you on all those things? Love them, hate them, make them…or not?

Well…I still do it, and yes, I still don’t stick to those resolutions as much as I want to, I still vow to be better every year…. This one is no different, except I am not quite done with making them! Ha ha!

Do you make a list of things to do/try/accomplish in New Year? Do you pick a WORD to be the word of the year, a word to live by? I would LOVE to know!!

The only thing I did finish so far – I cleaned my sewing room – YEAH!

IMG_4975It is all ready to go with exception of Grand Quilter that needs to be put back on the frame… (I also moved my sewing room from smaller to bigger room recently) – let’s see how long with this last?? I should probably print this lovely panoramic image and tape it on the wall, to remind myself how it SHOULD look like? He he…

Speaking of reflections and reviews – how about this BLOG of ours? Want to see what statistics say?

We get this Annual report so I decided to share it with you – take few minutes to look it over and let’s chat about what you like, what you don’t like, what would you change, have more or have less??

Looking forward to a great discussion and wishing you a healthy, happy and creative New Year, full of joy,


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Seminar – already two weeks ago?

Hi everyone,

this can be yet another issue of my Wednesday wanderings but I have been thinking and meaning to post all my Seminar photos here only to realize just now – it has already been TWO WEEKS??? That’s just not possible…. You know how they say that time goes faster as you grow older? Well – I must be REALLY old then…it just flies by!!!

Well, better two weeks after than never – wasn’t Seminar just a TON of fun?? I heard several times from Bonnie (and that’s just in two separate occasions) how well organized it is and how nice it is!! So I know you all will join me in saying a BIG BIG THANK YOU to Mary Ellen and Jan and everyone who worked on Seminar to make it yet another wonderful success!!

I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a crowd that big for our Wednesday night lecture – ever!!


And our guest of honor, Bonnie Hunter  working hard even before it all started!


And so did Mary Ellen, Lori, Jan and Robi (she was on the other side) at the door:


And then the fun begun!!!

Bonnie was inspirational, informative, encouraging, funny… you name it.

IMG_3702 IMG_3713 IMG_3743

Oh and don’t you just LOVE our new quilt display system? I think it is fabulous!!


Oh and speaking of QUILT DISPLAY – was it one amazing quilt after another or what??

I was truly mesmerized by Bonnie’s quilts!! How beautifully balanced, yet amazingly diverse and scrappy, how warmly traditional and comforting, yet fresh and contemporary in colors and style.

For all of you who couldn’t be there here is just a little glimpse into the evening:

IMG_3703 IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3709 IMG_3710 IMG_3717 IMG_3718 IMG_3721 IMG_3722 IMG_3723 IMG_3725 IMG_3726 IMG_3727 IMG_3728 IMG_3731 IMG_3732 IMG_3733 IMG_3735 IMG_3744 IMG_3747 IMG_3748 IMG_3750 IMG_3751

Yup, as I said – inspirational and spectacular!

So my friends – let’s get sewing!! 🙂

Have a wonderful week,


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Just a quick note…

Hi everyone,

hope you still believe this is summer? Brrrr…a bit chilly I have to say, although I am really not complaining!! Some rain is always good for my sewing and cool nights are just wonderful to snuggle under the quilt and sleep well – nothing to complain about! 🙂

Today I am just popping my head in here during the lunch break to share few quick finds that I liked:

Here is a lovely quilty quote for you – maybe framed and up on the sewing room wall? 

Quilty quote


And as long as you are in your sewing room, how about busting that scrap basket by making a … SCRAP BASKET?? 



You will find a complete free pattern HERE.

Did you notice how this year all the flowers in the garden kinda just “rush through”? They open to bloom, lovely for few days and – boom! – all gone! At least that is my impression and I kinda miss my roses this year… Well, here is a bit of a cure – stitch a lovely rose! Either as a paper-pieced pattern or as a quilting motif – Lori Kennedy has a lovely set of tutorials for all of these HERE! I just love her blog…

I am sure many of you love sewing for your little ones (kids, grand kids, friend’s kids…), right? Well, this new grandma is completely in love with it all !! Here is the one I just did:



Besides quilts, I just love, love love making other little things and internet is so full of wonderful patterns, tutorials, ideas…I am in BIG trouble! 🙂 But I so don’t care either, ha ha! 

HERE is a wonderful compilation of tutorials and patterns for all kinds of fun, beautiful and creative BIBS!! Sent to me by our own Karen G. – thank you so much Karen!! This will be fun!


OK, lunch over, back to work for me!! 

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday and weekend ahead and don’t worry about rain – it gives you wonderful little “jewels” to look at after! 🙂 (I saw these just this morning on my way to work!)


IMG_2497 IMG_2499 IMG_2500

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Guild meeting Show and Tell

Hi everyone,

I took me a while but finally getting around to post photos of our July’s meeting Show and tell! I don’t know about you, but I really LOVE meetings like we had in July – with fun demos! As much as I loved doing a demo, I would have loved to see the others too, but I hope you all had fun?
If anyone needs any help with that Quick Curve Ruler or the pattern I showed – just let me know! Thinking of it now…I might do a quick “pictures tutorial” here, so you all have a “refresher” ??
What do you think – yes or no?

Anyone already made a few Christmas projects after that? 🙂 He… he… I always, always say that I will start early but so far that didn’t happen much… Maybe this year? Well I will finish those Poinsettia pillows, so that can count for something…
Besides my quilting is these days readily “interrupted” (well not really, but no better word…) by sewing for my little Juliana – skirts, dresses, some useful things like car-seat cover…all that. And I just LOVE IT!! 🙂

OK, lets not prolong any more – here is our Show and Tell!!!

Quick NOTE: at the meeting I started taking photos with my camera and then it quickly ran out of battery so I continued with my phone. These are photos from my phone – sadly camera is forgotten at friend’s house and as soon as I have it, I will add those few first photos – my apologies!! 🙂

Here is the promised addition of few more photos that were on my camera:

Mary Ellen showed one of the Seminar class samples – Roseellen will teach you how to do Trapunto by machine and you will be on your way to make this beauty!!




How lovely is this miniature??



Or this charming kids quilt?


Theresa made these lovelies for our tireless Quilty Adventure Bus trip organizers – Sue and Bette:

Robi said this was a finish after several years…


but of course not scrappy enough for her…so she had to do something!! Backing is therefore…



Our prolific sisters Sue and Bette were busy, busy, busy… Here are some lovely quilts they showed:

photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7

photo8 photo9 photo10

Here are more beautiful baby quilts:

photo11 photo14

Rosellen quilted every sheep differently!!

photo15 photo18 photo17 photo16

And yours truly showed two table runners that I also have complete tutorials for on my blog:

photo13 photo12

As promised, I will add those few missing photos from the very beginning of Show and Tell as soon as I get my camera back!

To finish today’s post – WHO IS EXCITED ABOUT SEPTEMBER SEMINAR?!  me, me!!!

How about you? What classes are you signed for?

If you are not – go quickly to OUR WEBSITE and pick some good ones!!

Wishing you happy days of summer,


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Inspirations and tutorials

Hi everyone,

hope your summer is going great!
As much as summer is time for outdoors, I find that I also quilt a lot, maybe because days are longer? I find myself waking up at 4 am sometimes wondering…”is it too early to start my sewing machine?” ha ha! Hey, if it is, I can always cut, or sort fabric, or just daydream of another project… right? 🙂
As I still play with my friend’s Katarina new fabric collection (my last post), I wanted to share with you new Blog Hop party that started this week – many wonderful quilters are playing with these great fabrics and posting tutorials and free patterns!
You will find the list of participants on Katarina’s blog HERE and yes, yours truly is there too (so excited!!).

There is no definite schedule for this blog but there will be new posts almost every day. I started it all and made this table runner with some easy 3D Flying Geese and curved borders.


photo3 (2)

This one is fun and easy to make and you can find the tutorial on my blog HERE

You can see the incredible quilt Sarah Lawson (amazing bags pattern designer) made HERE – I just love the color placements and play in her quilt!!

Latest one in the blog hop (posted today) is amazing Delectable Indelible quilt (and free pattern!) by Kathleen Kerr. Her quilting is just completely out of this world and so inspirational!! You will find it HERE

And there will be more too!

I am currently quilting a bed runner and can’t wait to finish – will report back and hopefully bring it to the meeting and Show and Tell!

What are you working on during these lovely summer days?

Have a wonderful weekend,


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Wandering back to Wednesday’s wanderings…

Hi everyone,

remember me? Ha ha!

Yeah, for how many times now, life just sweeps me away from this blogging fun… It doesn’t help that I contribute to few blogs, (this one, my own and one for WNY MQG) so this little time needs to be divided even more. But hey, it just asks for better organization, right? Yeah – sounding like a broken record here, but hey – I am not giving up!! 🙂

So what we didn’t think will ever happen – did – SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!! 🙂


First roses are opening up in  my garden and peonies are almost done. This Japanese iris finally bloomed after about three years of waiting – but it was worth the wait. This deep, deep color in the first morning light makes me smile every morning…


I really love this color!! Yet – I don’t really use it as much in my quilts!! YET…. But all these photos I have mist be some inspiration and quilt in the making?



Speaking of colors – one that is now so, so much more in my focus – PINK!! Another one that I did’n use much before, but now – with that little girly-girl in our lives, it is EVERYWHERE!! Our first granddaughter, Juliana Marie, is now a month old already!! Can you believe it??? I almost can’t and I still wake up every morning smiling and thinking how amazing is that we have this little, precious girl in our family now…. My heart is completely and utterly taken my friends. If I am not with her, I constantly dream what can I make for her…

Yes, little dresses, car-seat covers, stuffed animals… 


This little dress was just such a joy to make! You can read more about it on my blog, HERE.  I used cotton VOILE for the first time. Did you ever try it? It is kinda a new rage now, specially among younger women who also like to make some clothes. It is really a dream to work with and to wear…. Some even make quilts with it – they must be so very soft! Maybe I will try that… Did you try it so far? If yes, what do you think?

There is just so many new fabrics coming out these days – it is almost… NOT FAIR?? Ha, ha, I know I sound silly, or spoiled, but really – who can keep up?? And I WANT TO!! I guess I will just have to make more and MORE… Speaking of new fabric – I was so lucky to be able to play with some really, REALLY new ones – so new, they are not even in quilt shops!

But there is even better story behind that one: many of you are also on Facebook and likely aware what a resource, inspiration and virtual meeting place it can be for us quilters. It is truly amazing! Through Facebook, I connected with wonderful young woman, artist, from my motherland, Serbia – Katarina Roccella is very talented artist and now – get this – one of the newest fabric designers for Art Galley Fabric!! I am so proud of her!! We became Facebook friends before all this happened and of course she had to keep it a secret for a while, so I was so surprised and delighted when she announced it. Her first collection, named INDELIBLE (AGF link above) is really modern and yet with some elements of nostalgia (doilies, old clocks) and some of my favorite things – like birch trees…. Image


Oh and yes, these photos are actually MINE…yes, I got some of these beauties ahead of time… You see, I also learned a bit of “behind the scenes” of fabric designing, collection debuts and Quilt Market now: apparently it is almost a rule that when you have a new collection to debut at next Quilt Market, you don’t get the fabric from the manufacturer until the very last moment – literally a week or two before the Quilt Market! And then you (the designer) have to sew like a mad person to make as many items as possible from you new lovely fabric!! Quilts, pillows, runners, dresses, toys…whatever you can dream of, BUT in this short time!! Crazy, right?

So knowing this, I offered Katarina to help her – specially since she was all the way in Belgrade, Serbia and with only the beginning quilter experience. It was so much fun working with these lovelies and deepening my friendship with Katarina. Yes – she made it to her first Quilt Market (her first trip to USA too!) and it was a great success!! You can read more about all that at her blog (link above) too. (I would have been there too but it was happening right around the time our granddaughter was due, so no travels for me! 🙂  )


Here is the quilt I made and of course, more about that HERE too. And oh yes – I am still playing with these fabrics…so stay tuned!! 🙂

OK, so I think I got caught up with all the happenings around here… How about you? What are you all up to? More gardening and less sewing now? Or opposite – more sewing in AC while muggy weather is outside? 

Here are few other fun things I found to share with you:

– apparently, Mr. Quilt&Fun, Mark Lipinski is up to something new!! SLOW STITCHING MOVEMENT!! OK… now what on Earth is that? 

Well I don’t quite know, but I sure did sign up for his live webinar to see!! He has a new blog for it too – so go check it out HERE (a very nice read, if you ask me!). We shall see….

– Lori Kennedy has yet another free-motion quilting tutorial that I really, really love! If you look at this one, it looks so complicated, but broken down in steps and with little bit of marking – it can be done!! I am trying this one and will report back! If you do – please share also!!

– This tutorial for a mug rug (but really can be a quilt block) also left me with wanting to do it – how about you? Of course if I would make multiple blocks, it would be strip-pieced, mixed-up and then sewn together… 

Well, that is all from me! Now sadly – I might not be able to come to the meeting tomorrow (but really not sad – I might be baby-sitting!), but I will definitely, definitely be there in July!! ‘Till then, we will talk here! 

Stay cool and quilt on,



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Virtual visit to our quilt show

Hi everyone,

well – WE DID IT!

Show was wonderful, colorful, full of visitors, old and new friends, demos and shopping…well done Amherst Guild!!

Special thanks go to our two show co-chairs – Kelly and Kit for all the hard work, as well as all and any committee chairs, volunteers and last minute, impromptu helpers – ALL together made yet another wonderful quilt show! I am almost sad that we need to wait for two years now! Ha, ha!

Did you take lots of photos? If you want me to share them here, please, please email them to me and I will!

Here are some of mine:

we had our first participation of many members of new, WNY Modern Quilt Guild – thank you to all who entered their quilts!


IMG_2096  ???????????????????????????????   Our former president and friend Betty Lerner came to visit!

???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? Our hand-quilting experts at work:


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Cheryl’s quilt had so much lovely embroidery, it was so much fun to look and look again! 🙂


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? IMG_2249 ???????????????????????????????  ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Beautiful, BIG flower garden… ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? I really liked Sue’s quilt, specially how quilting went with it!


??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? Lauren’s quilts need no words… 🙂


??????????????????????????????? LOVED colors in Mary’s quilt: ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Some scrap-quilts out of this world…


some with only few colors and great visual effect:



There is so, so much more! My main impression from the show (other than sheer JOY) is that we have such an amazing VARIETY – in styles, in colors, is sizes, in ideas…AMAZING!! Don’t you think?

I will have to divide all this beauty into few blog posts but of course will leave you with the grand-winner, the Best in Show – Lauren’s beauty:

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Have a wonderful Wednesday my quilty friends,


(appropriately heading off to start another Beginners Quilting class and add more “addicts” to this world!)

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It’s here, it’s here…


…both – spring and OUR QUILT SHOW!!

Monday and Tuesday was a lot of work but as always, we pulled it off and our Quilt Show, that started like this…



…went to this!!


And these are just few quick ones I took as we finished yesterday – not the best photos, I know but rest assured, more is coming! 🙂

Now we all know that pictures are NEVER nearly as good as seeing quilts “live”, so for all of you non-members, readers of this blog even remotely local – come this weekend to see it all!

Over 200 quilts, in an amazing variety of styles and sizes – from several beautiful antique quilts to nice display of modern quilts and everything in between! First time this year, we have a Modern Quilt category and quite a display of quilts from local, new WNY Modern Quilt Guild! In addition, over a dozen amazing vendors, free demos every day, food available and live, mini quilt auction on Sunday at 3pm. In short – a whole weekend of handmade, one-of-a-kind beauty, inspiration and fun!


Quilts are being judged as I write this blog, so there will be some ribbons excitement too of course!

Can’t wait to see you all this weekend!


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