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Hello stranger…. (and a tiny surprise at the end, so read on! )

…and that would be ME! 😦

Hello everyone,

sorry to be MIA for so long from our blog!! What can I say… just life in general! New job, too much fun with my granddaughter, summertime… excuses, excuses!!

But early this morning, while it was pouring outside and I couldn’t go for a walk with Marley, I was browsing quilty blogosphere of course, with my morning coffee…and thought that this particular new book (and the fun Blog Hop that goes with it), could be interesting for you all too! IRISH CHAIN QUILTS by Melissa Corry


The subtitle is what I really, really LOVE – contemporary twists on a classic design!! And lets just say it from the start – I have no affiliations of course, I don’t even have the book YET! I just love the idea, love the quilts I saw so far and thought to share for inspiration. 🙂 I really LOVE the block that is on schedule today, by Lee from Freshly Pieced!

Anyway… If you like Blog Hops like I do, this book’s release has one and I find a lot of great inspirations on it – you can find it HERE. You will have a list of blogs and dates when to visit and yes some chances to win in there too…hey you never know! Just fun stuff!

So what are you up to these days? Lots of gardening?

In my garden this year, Clematis seems to be a “star” – huge blooms and lots of them!!


Oh but we also have FRUIT!!! The peach tree my husband planted in honor of our new granddaughter (who we all lovingly called Peaches, before she was born) now has peaches!! So exciting!!


Some new quilting and sewing?

In my sewing room…some new fabric to play with, to re-do and re-vamp some old patterns of mine… what do you think? Like?IMG_0599Can we chat about it? (oh, here comes that little surprise….)

Let us all know what you are up to these days in comments!! Everyone that comments will be entered to win a little prize from me!!!

So what is the prize? Hmmm…well that is a surprise too!!! (hey, but I promise it will be good!) Lets try to do this quick and I can even bring the prize to the guild meeting on Thursday!!!

So – GO! Comment away – we are nosy and want to know what are you up to this summer!!!

here is one of the things I was up to recently…making a bunny skirt!! Yes, I know…going a bit baby crazy… but LOVING IT!! 🙂


Wishing you all a lovely day and week ahead, see you Thursday too,


PS – I just realized that I need to be fair to ALL readers of this blog, not only AQG members – so ALL of you are welcome to comment and there will be one prize for AQG member (you all have till Thursday!) and one for non-member, reader at large – you have till the end of the week (just say in your comment you are not a member). PHEW! glad I got this fixed… 🙂


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a milestone

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

This post is a milestone-my 250th post at this blog. I talk a lot I guess. If you read all the way to then end, I’ll tell you how to enter to win a prize from me to celebrate this “achievement”.

One thing you might know if you’ve read these posts for a while is what some of my favorite blocks are. Take a minute, can you name of few of my faves? … Drunkard’s paths should be in the list. Here’s a link (click here)  to a modern looking drunkard’s path. I think this one would be great for a fat quarter collection of some of those gorgeous, somewhat solid, fabrics that are now appearing in the shops. How about Grunge from Basic Grey? Love it!

Another favorite of mine … hexagon quilts, not grandmother’s flower gardens–bigger hexagons! I tried the English paper piecing needed for the old-fashioned grandmother’s flower garden and did enough to cover the yoke of a denim shirt. That was enough of that for me! I think I like quicker results. The new trend of cutting the hexagons in half making trapezoids, which makes construction of the rows so simple, is used in so many of the latest hexagon patterns. It does make construction of the hexagon look so much faster, and manageable for a beginning quilter. I don’t like how it distorts the proportions of the hexagons a bit though; on some fabric designs it also cuts right smack into the design which gets spoiled when a seam runs through it. If you want to leave the hexagons whole, the tops can still be pieced on the machine but it requires a Y seam. I don’t mind the Y seams myself, particularly on large hexagons. It’s a trade-off I guess. No seams vs. speed. Both methods are good to have in your quilter’s tool box so you have the option of either one depending on the project you’re making. Here’s a link to a collection of free hexagon quilt patterns. Click here.

If you’d like a chance to win a prize celebrating my 250th post, leave a comment to me answering one of these questions: What is your favorite quilt block or quilt style?  OR Who is your favorite fabric designer and why? On June 10 I’ll choose a winner at random from the comments received.

Thanks for reading my ramblings; I hope you’ll stick around for more!





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candy winners

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Finally awarded the 40,000 visitor blog candy prizes at last night’s guild meeting. Thanks so much to all of our readers, with special thanks to those who comment. Marija and I appreciate the support you show for this blog, whether you’re lurking or commenting. Here’s to many more visitors.

All of those who commented from the entry announcing the blog candy until yesterday’s entry had their names put in a random drawing. The more times an individual commented, the more times they were entered into the drawing. We drew 7 names for “basic prizes”–Roxanne, Karen G, Sue K, Mary D, Kathy T, JoAnne C, and Sue K (who won a 2nd time). All names were then returned to “the hat” and one name was drawn for the grand prize–Jane B. Hope you all will enjoy your prizes and keep those comments coming please. It’s more like a conversation, than a monologue when you comment.

Still thinking how I could celebrate my milestone of 200 posts here. Any ideas?

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What’s Up with Me…

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Been playing catch up lately. First, do you remember that I announced a run for some blog candy after we hit out 40,000 visitor milestone? I bet some of you thought I forgot all about it. I didn’t forget, but I did put it on the back burner for a while. I have since counted up how many comments have been made since I threw down the gauntlet and will shortly be announcing the winners. I plan to award the prizes at our November guild meeting. Thanks to all who have commented; please keep it up. It’s an incentive to me to keep posting when I know some one is reading.

I keep a little notebook of quilting ideas for “out of the ditch” quilting done with a walking foot. I love the chevron quilting on the quilt here. I’ll be adding this one to the notebook. If you’ve taken my class or we’ve talked about this idea, maybe you’ll want to add this one to your idea file too. I’m looking forward to seeing this quilter’s upcoming book. Seems like she has some fresh designs for precuts that might be fun to try.

Over at our Marija’s snowman attic window quilt is featured today. They’re calling it the top HOT quilt for winter! I didn’t know it was hers until I clicked on the pattern link to see the method used for the attic windows. If you haven’t seen this done before, this is a great way to use some of your collection of panel prints. I’m always tempted by the lovely panel prints that seem to come out in droves around this time of year. Probably because they can be the basis for easy gifts for the holidays. Go have a look at Marija’s idea. Click here.

And what else have I been doing? Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. They’re lovely in the spring and summer but now that my Snyder neighborhood is shedding it’s green canopy, they’re everywhere in large quantities. The silver maples are still holding on, so it won’t be over for some time yet!


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What a Beauty!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Yesterday I went on a “back stage” tour of the Heritage Village Archives. This is a perk of being a museum member-not a part of the guild membership. I had received the same mailing about it that all members receive and decided I’d love to see what’s up in the museum ” attic” so to speak. There were only two of us in the afternoon group so we got a great opportunity to be up close to the items (this tour focused on quilts and textiles) but since there were only 2 of us Jessica and Kayla showed us just about everything. How cool is that!?!   Take advantage of these museum opportunities–there’s another tour tomorrow. Maybe there is still space-you do need to reserve a spot in these tours. Besides the quilts and garments of the same eras, I really enjoyed looking at the garments they have from the 60’s and 70’s–both everyday clothing and gowns. I remembered having things so similar to some of those in the collection. Very,very fun and interesting. I highly recommend you go on one of these backstage visits–you’ll love it!

One humorous note-as we were passing the group of office machines I commented on the very old typewriter that they have. I shared a story of being in a stationery shop which also has an old typewriter, in which they feature signs of the current special events. I happened to be in the shop one day when the owner asked one of the young staff members to roll the newest list of specials into the typewriter…and the youngster had no idea how to roll the paper into the typewriter!! Well yesterday Kayla (also so young!!) admitted she too would not know how to go about it. The rest of us laughed and talked a bit about typing with carbon paper, erasing your errors and thereby getting the papers all out of alignment, and the assorted tribulations of working with typewriters. How many of you remember those days?! I guess that makes the bunch of us old codgers, doesn’t it?!

Today in my quilty e-mail was a newsletter from Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims’ blog. Much of what they have at their site is free-I don’t pay the subscription fee anymore. Basically I’m only missing some of their videos and I find enough free ones on the web to satisfy me. Today there is a slide show of some spectacular New York Beauty quilts being featured. Several shots are shown of each quilt so you can see the piecing well and the absolutely gorgeous quilting on some of them. It’s about 11 minutes long, so brew a cup of tea and get ready for some true quilting eye candy! Click here.

Don’t forget to get a comment in so your name will be in the drawing for our celebratory blog candy!


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It’s time to celebrate!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here again.

We had a very nice presentation by the WNY chapter of the Modern Quilting Guild at our regular guild meeting last evening. Many of us had some of our questions about “modern” quilting cleared up for us. Those of us who consider ourselves to be “traditional” quilters have more in common with the “modern” girls than we might have thought. Several of the quilts that they brought along to share didn’t look “modern” to me at all. Some of the fabrics used looked like repros to me more than brand new designs, which is not to say that others of the fabrics did not have a really fresh new look to them. The use of solids in many of their quilts reminded me, and perhaps many of the others in attendance, of the days of old (now I’m really aging myself) when solids and mini-dots were about all you could get for quilting. For Pete’s sake, Victoria Findlay Wolfe whose Double Wedding Ring quilt won Best of Show at this year’s QuiltCon has a prized collection of double knit quilts! Remember those? I think double knit will be found completely intact by archeologists thousands of years from now. I did love those double knit pant suits though, when we professional women (I almost said working girls—no no no!) were first allowed to wear pants to work. It was great to see young women so excited and passionate about a craft/art that many of us more senior ladies have loved for years. During our show and share after the business meeting we saw many of “our” quilts that could have been examples during the “modern” portion of our program. It gives hope that our work will be loved and appreciated for years to come.

Hey did you get a look at the visitor counter to our blog? Over 40,000 visits!!! I would not have predicted that in a million years–just a bit of exaggeration. It’s time for a blog candy celebration. I’ve gotten permission from our treasurer to spend a bit on some nice prizes, so here’s the deal. You lurkers out there will have to come out from hiding if you want to win any of them. From now until the Monday following our quilt seminar, I will post a question now and then.  You can answer as many times as you want–answer every question, or leave more than one comment to a particular question. Let’s find out who some of our visitors have been. You do not need to be a member of our guild to play along. All of our visitors are welcome and appreciated!!By leaving a comment where you answer the question, you will entered into the drawing for the great prizes. I’m thinking gift certificates, great thread samplers, super duper scissors…stuff like that. Since I personally am trying to reduce my fabric stash, none of the prizes will be fabric–although you certainly could use a gift certificate to add to your own fabric collection if that’s your thing.

So here’s the starter question: Complete this sentence by copying it and pasting it into your comment. Then fill in the blanks. If you need to reword the sentence a bit to have it make better sense, feel free. I’ll do the first one as a sample.

I, (your first name), love (a color) in my quilts and (your favorite kind of fabric). My current quilting project is (title or description).


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Tutorial, giveaway and few other things…

Hi everyone,

jumping-in here on another lunch break just to quickly let you know about few things! There is a new tutorial to show you and this time – it is mine! 🙂

???????????????????????????????Here is a springy little wall hanging or a table topper made almost entirely from Flying Geese blocks – those easy, 3D, one-seam Flying Geese blocks! Add a few little tricks and you will have some neat-looking curved blocks and accent lines – check it out HERE!

If you go back one post on my blog, you will find another fun  thing – a giveaway! I am participating in current Blog Hop Party and of course besides my blog, there is over 200 others you can visit, be inspired, learn something and maybe win some goodies – hope you have fun!

Now if that is not enough, there is yet another big “party” brewing up in cyber space – celebration of up-coming National Quilting Day (this Saturday, March 16th) that some busy folks took up a notch and declared it to be Worldwide Quilting Day! Giveaways and party there has been on-going, but I missed it before (sorry!) but you can still catch a few… Of course there is a big party going on on the day itself (Saturday), called 7 Summits Strip Quilt Challenge (remember those Jelly-roll race quilts we talked about a while ago?)-  so check that out too! I know that even some local shops around here are participating in the fun – so check out on the same site, which shops around here are having special events on Saturday! (just scroll down a bit and on the right side is the list of all the shops, by state). Nothing like having some fun (shopping or sewing) with your quilting buddies to properly celebrate National Quilting Day! Me – have a very important baby shower to go to on Saturday so that is why I celebrated a bit early by doing the tutorial on my blog. 🙂 And yes…I am still finishing a baby quilt for that shower…LOL!

Found another interesting article featuring Joe Cunningham – quilter we talked about few posts ago – he talks about why quilts matter, right HERE.

By the way, Why Quilts Matter is a wonderful series that was aired on PBS, but I am not really sure if it was ever available here in our area – I just bought the complete DVD as soon as I heard about it and really, really loved watching it. Since I have it, of course it could be something to watch together in one of the Guild meetings? However, there is also this special Guild offer on their web site if we decide it is something we need in our Guild library?

OK, must leave you all now, hope you all have a wonderful week ahead,


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far and wide

Hello all, Mary Ellen again.

This is really cool beans, I think.

A few days ago I got an e-mail asking me (by name) to vote on a cover design for a children’s book. Sounds innocent enough. The book involves a quilt lost along the Oregon Trail. So far so good. The e-mail asked me to pass it along to my guild members as well. Whoa! Not so fast. But, something about it sounded legit to me, so I wrote back asking how the author had gotten my name and e-mail address. I received a very nice response which I am sharing below. It seems we AMQG members really get around. Someone attending the Sisters, Oregon show (I’m so jealous–I’ve wanted to go to that show for years, since the days of Jean Wells making multiple, frequent appearances on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson) mentioned our guild and museum gift shop to the author and his partner. They remembered us and the rest, as they say,…

Hi Mary Ellen,
I live in Sisters, home of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Dennis and I are a couple – I help him with his booth at the show selling his artwork. Dennis did the poster for 14 years, so he is quite well known in this neck of the woods. He was promoting his book last year, showing some of the artwork, etc. Collecting emails… We get visitors from all over – there were a group of ladies that came through from NY and one of them mentioned Amherst Museum Quilter’s Guild – suggesting the members would like to know about this book or it might be sold at the museum, I wrote a note down back in July – but it had no contact info – not a very good note. So I googled, I think it was Quilting Gallery? where I found the email contact. It wasn’t on your main website of the blog… So, no – we don’t know each other… maybe someday we can visit your historic town and the museum, it looks wonderful. I appreciate your response!
Dennis is self-publishing his book. If you take a look at the website, Back Story!back-story/co61 it explains how Dennis came to write a quilt story. I built the website – the two of us are trying to get his book promoted and out there – once people see it, I think they will really enjoy it. He has worked on this for years in-between paying jobs. All the characters in the book are local friends that modeled for him. I would be so happy for him if it succeeds! I’m trying to get the word out there about it. I’m new to all this social media. Here is a link to his quilt show posters: dennis mcgregor posters.
Thank you for your time,

(I am an artist as well, )

We never know how our influence will spread. Whoever those ladies are, they made at least 2 friends for our guild. Go have a look. Read the back story of Dennis’ book, and cast your vote for the cover design. And by the way, if you are one of those ladies–thanks! Let us know about your experience at the show, and in meeting Dennis and Kimry.


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Celebrate your local quilt shop!


Hi everyone,

MIA-Marija here…finally!!

Hope you are all doing great in this still somewhat NEW year and maybe even have a few resolutions intact? 🙂 Not the case with me, but hey – I didn’t even make any! Clever, huh? No not really, but I did declare to myself a “word-of-the-year” to be DISCIPLINE. Well…we can talk about this over pages and pages here, but that is for another time. Today, I want to tell you about much more important thing:

Thursday, January 24th is National VISIT YOUR LOCAL QUILT SHOP DAY!!!


Yes, yes my friends – we need to go visit, shop, have fun – and it is all legitimate and justified!! YAY!!

But wait – that is not all! Industrious, creative quilting community made it into a real, big, national party – there is a web-site , a Facebook page  and even a great photo-contest for all of us with potential to win big! And yes – many of our wonderful, local quilt shops are listed on that page, will be open longer hours and have some goodies to celebrate with you – what is not to like?! You can find the list of shops on the web site, but even if the shop is not listed – they are HERE, local, full of great inspiration and friendly people who share our passion for creation – how lucky are we to have so many around here! 🙂

So – GO, GO, GO! Have fun and take some pictures!! Of course, if you are not into all those social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) in order to submit you contest entry – feel free to send them to me ( ) and I will be happy to submit them for you! (just send them by about 11 pm, deadline is soon after). Hey, maybe we can have a little contest among ourselves here, with some blog candy/giveaway? Hmmm…not a bad idea! What do you think?

In any case, the point is to celebrate our local treasures.

I-Love-My-LQS-200x250Picture above is the official poster, you can find it and print it here . Many quilters use it to take a picture with that, in their local shop – really fun!

Hope to see you Thursday night in our local quilt shops wanderings!


PS – you all know I teach in Threads of Time (one of our local treasures), so I started there – visit my blog to see a photo tour! This Quilt Shop Day inspired me to continue this, to visit all other shops sometime soon and do a photo tour – can’t wait! (shhh..don’t tell my credit card! 😉  )

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blog candy

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Only had three comments on the post last week offering blog candy, so each comment had a pretty good chance of winning. I counted the first comment (judged by time stamp) as number 1. As usual I used the internet random number generator to decide the winner.

random 2 copyKit Willey was our second comment. I’ll award the prize at our next guild meeting.

Been sewing up a storm of late-making more four patches from my scraps, and am working on a strippy hexagon quilt, using the 60 degree triangle ruler.

Also have dug out 2 UFO’s. I’m hoping that sharing about that here, will keep me on track to finishing them.

I’ve got a plastic grocery bag of assorted christmas/winter scraps in a variety of sizes which needs a good home. Let me know if you would like it. First response gets the scraps.  Gone!



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