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another spring quilt idea

Hi all, Mary Ellen again.

I spotted this one on my e-mail again this morning. Awhile back here on the blog we had some discussion going about the jelly roll 1600 quilts. (Look in side bar for a category link) This quilt was not made as a 1600, but certainly could be. That one strip that makes it more interesting, is just cut from the finished top, top and bottom ends reversed in orientation, sashing/border added to the cut strip and then inserted into the top. It’s a quick and easy way to take a 1600 quilt up a few notches. The reason I pulled this pattern idea out is that I came across a jelly roll I’d forgotten about, while looking through my UFO’s recently. This quilt would make a great gift for a niece’s birthday, since the jelly roll was chosen with her in mind originally.

Check out this pattern (click here) if you need a quick gift–baby shower, wedding shower, graduation, Mothers’ Day…–and the list goes on. ‘Tis the season, isn’t it? BTW how are you coming on our 2015 Gifting Challenge? Remember, one holiday gift completed each month is the goal. Even better if it is a UFO completed. I’ll give a report on my own progress soon.

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another jelly roll 1600 idea

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I think this idea from Jenny Doan is super. You may remember that last summer we came up with a few ideas for these Jelly Roll 1600 quilts. They are archived in the side bar of the blog or you can just search for jelly roll 1600. Many quilters love these because they are so fast, and just as many dislike them because of the “boring” appearance. I don’t know which camp you’re in- I’m in the camp that thinks this idea is great. Click here to see Jenny’s video with an idea for changing up the appearance a bit. Watch to the end. If you went to summer camp, I think you will remember enjoying the same sort of silliness that Jenny and her assistant get into!

I will tell you that when you make them with a jelly roll of batiks, they are gorgeous!

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Jelly roll 1600, chapter 2

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

What a gorgeous morning we’re having today. I actually got too warm while walking the canine today and had to take off my hat and gloves! When was the last time that happened?!

If you’ve read this blog for a while now, you may remember a few posts about the jelly roll 1600 quilts. If you need a refresher, look in the category list in the left sidebar and click on it. Today at Missouri Star Quilts Jenny Doan shows a variation on the basic jelly roll quilt. I love the fabric line she chose, but I think I might have chosen a different color for the “pop” of color she inserts. She gives a few good tips even for those of you who have made one of these before. If you haven’t, you should give it a try. This is a fun quilt to make-so fast and easy. It’s great for charity projects, quilt gifts, or a first quilt for a new quilter.

Here you go. click here

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jelly roll 1600 variations

Hello all, Mary Ellen again.

I’m going to be doing a demo on making a super quick quilt top soon (the jelly roll 1600) and have been looking around on Pinterest and other websites to see what quilters have done with the idea. (If you don’t know what the jelly roll 1600 is, go back to my blog entry called “odd bits again” on Feb. 19, 2013 for a quick explanation.) I’ve found some very intriguing ideas–I’ll definitely by making more of these. I think they will really help eat a chunk out of my stash. Here’s what I have found so far-and I’m still on the search. If you have any more ideas, please send them to me or add them in the comments. I think this could be a good resource for members looking for a fast charity, shower, or baby quilt. Here’s what I’ve found so far, in no particular order: (to save some typing, I’m going to abbreviate JR to mean 2.5″ wide by 40″ long strips of fabric)

  1. Attach the strips with diagonal seams (as done for binding) for an easy variation.
  2. Use 20 colored JR  alternating with 20 white/cream JR strips.
  3. Use 40 JR strips. After each one, insert a 2.5″ square spacer block for a pop of color. For example the quilt I first saw was made from 40 JR in shades of “denimy” blues. The spacer squares were bright red.
  4. Use 2.5″ x 4.5″ rectangles as your spacers between the strips.
  5. Use pieced block such as a black and white quarter square triangle as your spacer square.
  6. Cut your own strips, and change the width (they must all be the same new width.)
  7. For a variety in widths, make your own really long strip set using a variety of widths. Then use the JR 1600 technique on your strip set.
  8. Use 40 JR strips in a variety of soft pastels, and make the spacer squares fussy cut animals for an adorable baby quilt. (love that idea!)
  9. Use 40 JR strips in a variety of whites/creams to make your 1600 top. Then applique some large funky flowers over it.
  10. Use 40 JR strips in a variety of striped fabrics with the strips running the length of the strips. Make your spacers with the stripes going perpendicular to the others.
  11. For a scrappier look, cut 20 of the 40 JR strips in half, and the other 20 into thirds and mix them up really well. This quilter suggested tossing the lot of them in the dryer for a bit to mix them up-I wonder how much they would ravel.
  12. For a great masculine looking quilt, make your 40 JR strips in shades of brown and tan, and use a plaid or stripe for the spacer block.
  13. Make a regular JR 1600 quilt. Then cut it into 5 columns. (Equal or unequal widths, your choice) Reverse the top and bottom of every other column. Sew it back together. This gives an easy “Chinese coins” look.
  14. Use the Chinese coins idea and insert a sashing strip between the columns. Widths of 2.5″ or 3″ would probably work well.
  15. Use 40 bright JR strips, alternating with a black/white print spacer block.
  16. Use 40 black/white JR strips, alternating with bright spacer blocks.
  17. Use 40 floral JR strips, alternating with bright green blocks.
  18. Use 40 strips cut 2.5″ x approx. 21″ cut from fat quarters. Use the JR 1600 technique, resulting in a nicely sized bed runner.

As you can see, quilters all over are putting their own creative twists on this pattern. This could be a fun section for our quilt show next spring. How about it?


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odd bits again

Hello all, Mary Ellen here on this blustery day.

I just blew in from a round of errands. Went into BJ’s to get printer paper and ink in a little drizzle, came out to blowing snow. I thought that was to come later today?! Winter in Buffalo I guess.

Well Downton Abbey fans! Season 3 is over-what do you think is coming next? Spoiler alert-don’t read further if you haven’t seen the season-ender yet.  About a month ago I had read in some publication about the demise of 2 characters with no reference to who those characters would be. Of course I had my own theories of who was going. I must say I didn’t have this one on my list of possibilities. I didn’t cry my eyes out, as I am reading many other fans did. Or do you think they have may have left the door ever so slightly open, that the character may not truly be gone?! And to think we have to wait until January to find out! Those 6 episodes really went by way too fast.

Another one of my stops today was at Barnes and Noble. I was looking for the Generation Q (oops!, corrected!) quilting magazine-they didn’t have it. But of course I did buy some others instead. Jenny Doan, of Missouri Star Quilting, has her second issue out. Haven’t done any more than flip the pages yet. Bought one I haven’t tried before-Sew Somerset. Its subtitle is “the art of creative sewing with mixed-media”. Looks interesting. Will let you know.

I’ve recently finished up a version of the jelly roll 1600 quilt done with a batik assortment. It’s such a fast technique-I got the top done in less than 2 hours. Even with finagling the pairings since the roll I was using had 2 each of 20 fabrics instead of 40 different one, I still was finished lickety-split. If you aren’t fussy about which fabric lands next to which, and you sew pedal to the metal, you can finish this in under an hour. Two quilters working together, each on half of the jelly roll, can do this in no time and it makes the length of the pieced strips more manageable. If you don’t know what I mean by jelly roll 1600 (40 strips x 40 inches each), have a look at this video. It’s a good technique to have in your quilter’s bag of tricks for an “emergency” quilt to be made in a flash. Some quilters don’t like the look of the long strips in the finished tops. There are more and more tips appearing in blogs about how to break those up, and still make a very quick top. My number 1 tip, having made several of these now, is to make sure you are using 40 different fabrics. This will reduce-not eliminate-blocks of the same fabric appearing in your top. If you want to know how to use this basic technique to produce a top of a particular size, this blog entry from Scrapendipity Designs may be helpful. It’s rather “mathy” though. I know some of you don’t like that!  🙂

Lastly, here’s a link to a free e-book of Modern Quilting patterns from McCall’s Quilting. There are 3 patterns in the book. Each is nice-although not every one is my personal idea of “modern”. As you have certainly discovered if you’ve been exploring this topic, everyone seems to have their own definition!


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