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Our first blogger Quilt-a-Long with very few rules. There will be 6 blocks, all stars of some sort.

Aren’t these gorgeous?

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Want to see some extraordinary quilts up close? At this site (click here) you can zoom in close for a good look at some spectacular quilting and applique. I don’t see myself ever making a quilt of this caliber, but I do get some inspiration from the quilting. When working on my free motion skills, I have a few patterns that I fall back on again and again, and it’s nice to find some new ones to try. I’m sure those of you who applique will find the designs on the applique quilts amazing as well.

What are you working on these days? Remember the Lucy Goosey quilt along that I had on the blog a while back? I’m making another block so I can set the blocks on point, and then I’ll be finishing the top up. I am making an effort to get the many UFO’s off the bed in the guest room. So far this summer I have made some slight progress. The quilt which is the topper for the bed is beginning to peak out here and there-an incentive for me to keep at it!

Click the like button below if you are working on UFO’s too!

P.S. Don’t forget the work session at the BNHV tomorrow to prepare kits for our seminar favors. 10:30 in the Steffan room. We will have all necessary supplies; just bring yourself and perhaps some 2 1/2″ x WOF strips to donate to the cause.

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On the edge…

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I’ve got my bin of selvages out and have been working on a tote bag design. I find playing with the selvages to be fun and relaxing. Really one can’t make an heirloom project (that’s not a challenge, anyone!) with selvages, so it’s not necessary to worry too much about perfect seams or colors matching just right. I ran across this post (click here) at Exuberant Color with great quilts using strips of varying widths. I think they could be great inspiration for selvages. Another idea for the bucket list is born.

Here’s a link to a pretty stitched piece. Not too complicated and it’s “summery” looking to me. I love the dotted fabric as the fabric base. (click here)

Time to get out your patriotic quilts. I leave them out for all of July (and sometimes August too if summer is busy!) How about you? Have you got a favorite red, white and blue quilt? I have a beginning for another one (one block!) from our Lucy Goosey quilt along. The blocks in my original color scheme of warm and cool tropicals are finished, just need to be made into a top and quilted. I had great plans to make a patriotic version of all those star blocks and didn’t get very far. Hmm…maybe I’ll use it as a leader and ender project and try to check that project off the list. If you are a new reader of the blog, you can find the links to the Lucy Goosey posts in the sidebar.

TTFN! So glad it’s cooler today. I’ve turned off the AC and opened the windows wide. Aah!

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a blizzard?!!!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Do you think that all the weather forecasters just love these storm forecasts? Last night Don Paul was actually scolding the school superintendents who had not yet closed their districts for today. So far it’s not bad outside–we’ll see what develops. Today is trash day in my neighborhood; I’m hoping I’ll be able to bring the totes back up from the curb before it gets too deep. I stopped in the grocery store yesterday and as often happens with these forecasts, the “joint was jumpin”. Milk, bread, eggs, tp …you native Buffalonians know what to do.

I’m planning to do a lot of sewing! Got out some UFO’s. First my Lucy Goosey blocks. Remember those? (Look in the sidebar categories for a memory refresher.) I want to make 2 more blocks for the setting I have in mind. Found this great (if you like paper piecing) basketweave braid star block that I think will go well with the ones that are already complete. I made my blocks in a scrappy theme of somewhat tropical colors. I plan to do the 4 sections of the basketweave star in the four colors that I’ve used in the other blocks. I think for the last block I’ll do another wonky star, but put something different in the center square. Have a look here at the basketweave star.

What are you up to today? Got enough basics in your pantry for a day or two?


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It’s time to celebrate!

Hello all, Mary Ellen here again.

We had a very nice presentation by the WNY chapter of the Modern Quilting Guild at our regular guild meeting last evening. Many of us had some of our questions about “modern” quilting cleared up for us. Those of us who consider ourselves to be “traditional” quilters have more in common with the “modern” girls than we might have thought. Several of the quilts that they brought along to share didn’t look “modern” to me at all. Some of the fabrics used looked like repros to me more than brand new designs, which is not to say that others of the fabrics did not have a really fresh new look to them. The use of solids in many of their quilts reminded me, and perhaps many of the others in attendance, of the days of old (now I’m really aging myself) when solids and mini-dots were about all you could get for quilting. For Pete’s sake, Victoria Findlay Wolfe whose Double Wedding Ring quilt won Best of Show at this year’s QuiltCon has a prized collection of double knit quilts! Remember those? I think double knit will be found completely intact by archeologists thousands of years from now. I did love those double knit pant suits though, when we professional women (I almost said working girls—no no no!) were first allowed to wear pants to work. It was great to see young women so excited and passionate about a craft/art that many of us more senior ladies have loved for years. During our show and share after the business meeting we saw many of “our” quilts that could have been examples during the “modern” portion of our program. It gives hope that our work will be loved and appreciated for years to come.

Hey did you get a look at the visitor counter to our blog? Over 40,000 visits!!! I would not have predicted that in a million years–just a bit of exaggeration. It’s time for a blog candy celebration. I’ve gotten permission from our treasurer to spend a bit on some nice prizes, so here’s the deal. You lurkers out there will have to come out from hiding if you want to win any of them. From now until the Monday following our quilt seminar, I will post a question now and then.  You can answer as many times as you want–answer every question, or leave more than one comment to a particular question. Let’s find out who some of our visitors have been. You do not need to be a member of our guild to play along. All of our visitors are welcome and appreciated!!By leaving a comment where you answer the question, you will entered into the drawing for the great prizes. I’m thinking gift certificates, great thread samplers, super duper scissors…stuff like that. Since I personally am trying to reduce my fabric stash, none of the prizes will be fabric–although you certainly could use a gift certificate to add to your own fabric collection if that’s your thing.

So here’s the starter question: Complete this sentence by copying it and pasting it into your comment. Then fill in the blanks. If you need to reword the sentence a bit to have it make better sense, feel free. I’ll do the first one as a sample.

I, (your first name), love (a color) in my quilts and (your favorite kind of fabric). My current quilting project is (title or description).


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red, white and blue

Hello all, Mary Ellen back.

I need to finish a quilt. Back when we began the Lucy Goosey quilt-along here, I started making red, white and blue star blocks. It’s a UFO project. I’ve been working on the first version, the one done in tropical scraps, trying to get it finished as a summer project. As I hung the flag out front this morning, I thought I should get out some patriotic quilted pieces. Well…I don’t have many of them. Have to remedy that situation.

Do you change out your quilts for the time of year, or for special days?

How’s your collection of red, white and blue projects?

Here is a gallery of patriotic quilts to inspire you. click here.

Have a safe, fun, Fourth of July everyone!

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last Lucy Goosey

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

Finally…the last Lucy Goosey block. It’s a nice easy variation of the Friendship Star block. Several variations are mentioned in case you need a few filler blocks.

The directions are here: lucy goosey #6

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bits and bobs

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

1. Our president, Kathy T., has asked me to post this for you. Awhile back, at a guild show and share, Kathy shared a quilt with pieces like puzzle pieces. She had lots of inquiries about the pattern, which she found on the internet. Here is the site for you. You can see a photo of the quilt in the photo gallery at our guild site. The link to that  is in the side bar of this blog.

2. I just discovered that I never posted the October, final, Lucy Goosey block directions! So sorry for that negligence. I found it just now in the list of “draft” posts. I’ll finish that up and get it posted ASAP.

3. Are you going out to the “old” Pine Grove workshop location for Judy and Bonnie’s Christmas Open House? It’s this weekend and next. I’m sure that many of you have fond memories of their seminars each spring, of shopping for yards and yards of gorgeous fabric there, of the friendship from the ladies in the shop. I’ll venture that many of you got your start in quilting through Judy’s shop. I went this morning and it brought back many fond memories.

4. How are you doing on your quilted Christmas gifts? Anyone willing to share the details of what you’re working on? The quilts for my two nieces are finished but I cheated a bit. They were both samples for classes I taught in the course of this past spring and summer. My sister, their mom, likes a quilted gift too. She got a Christmas quilt last year, so probably will get a runner or two this year. I’m thinking I’ll make some quilted mats to use like “chargers” and put them with some clear glass dessert plates. Then I can give more “chargers” for upcoming occasions. I make mine hexagonal using the 60 degree ruler to cut the hexagons, and bring the backing up around the edge to the top for a fast and easy finish. I use large prints with easy quilting and the fabric does most of the work. Love that 60 degree ruler; I think it’s my favorite of all the specialty rulers I’ve purchased over the years. My friends read this blog so can’t give away any of my plans for those gifts (plus I haven’t made a final decision and started on them yet), but, ladies, they will be from fabrics already in my stash. If you had seen my stash, you’d know that is not much of a hint at all!

5. I’m way behind on the leaf removal and “tarping” of lawn furniture. If it ever dries out a bit in the back yard, I’ll get back to it. Hate this end of the garden season-planting and anticipation are way more fun than cutting down and putting the garden to sleep.


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October Lucy Goosey


Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

What a busy time it has been! It seems I haven’t been able to sit down for more than a few minutes until after dinner and a dog walk, and when I do I promptly doze off! I think it’s a sign of something-and don’t you dare say old age!

I can’t believe we’re in the last month of our Quilt-a-long! I am working on directions for our last block, an easy variation on the timeless Friendship Star. I am planning to give your directions for a 4 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch finished block and a few possible layouts. I know that not everyone was in love with the first block-that paper-pieced star-and I hear tell that the block # 5 gave a few quilters fits as well. So sorry but perhaps you’ve exercised those quilting muscles a bit. Remember there were practically no rules or guidelines for this effort so whatever blocks you made–Great! You can finish them up any way you wish–runners, pillow tops, hangings, or perhaps even a quilt. I will propose some simple layouts for 4 or 5 or 6 blocks but remember it’s totally up to you. Perhaps we can share finished blocks or tops at our guild holiday get together in December–notice I said blocks or tops, not quilts. If you get your project quilted and totally completed you will be a superstar. Let’s just have the fun of seeing what everyone has made.

Last block and layouts coming soon!

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next Lucy Goosey block delayed

Hello all, Mary Ellen here.

I guess I shouldn’t call it a delay, since I said way back at the beginning of this Quilt-a-long that we have few rules if any for this. I have the block concept-just need to write up some directions for you. This will be number 5 (out of 6)-TTFN! Have a great holiday!

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Lucy Goosey block #4–wonky star

Hello all,  Mary Ellen here.

I know that this fourth block is going to make some of you very antsy. No, it’s not paper piecing again. It’s a liberated block-I prefer to call them wonky (love that word!)–inspired by the work of designer Gwen Marston. If you are of fan a quick cutting, no measuring, and relaxed precision (is there such a thing?), you will love her work and will enjoy this block. If you are of the camp that will take out a seam 5 times to make sure the points match, then this block is going to send your blood pressure up. Have a glass of an adult beverage, just enough to relax your standards but not enough to make you dangerous with a rotary cutter! Take a few deep cleansing breaths, maybe do a few yoga stretches and then read on!

Here is a link to the wonky star directions. Let me know if you need help with the download.

Have fun.

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