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spring cleaning

Hi everybody, I’m thinking about changing my salutation since the software will put my byline up for me. What would be a good one? Sew what’s new? Hey sew and sew! Too corny? Maybe I’ll just change it up every now and then.

Another new thing this blog software has, that our old one didn’t is a spell-checker. At least according to the “For Dummies” book I bought, it does. I just have to figure out how to turn it on! LOL!

Let’s get down to the topic–spring cleaning. Not the house, OMG no! The sewing room and your machine, you sillies! I hope you clean your machine more than just in the spring. I was watching a video from the Missouri Star Quilt Company (great videos, by the way. worth subscribing, IMHO) and was amazed that she lets her machine get so full of lint. She actually had so much it looked like pieces of felt as she pulled it out, showing folks how to clean out a machine. I’m hoping she let it accumulate for the purpose of the video, not her usual habit. Anyway she mentioned canned air in her spiel. I too have heard differing opinions about whether it’s a good idea to use it on your machine or not. I do agree with those who caution about blowing the dust and lint further INTO the machine rather than blowing in a direction to get it out of the machine. I don’t know what I think about those who say not to use it due to the propellants causing damage. I, being somewhat of a penny pincher, will share this hint I read a long time ago and which has worked great for me. Save a smallish squeeze bottle like those that dish soap comes in. When it’s empty, rinse it many times to make certain there is no soap residue remaining in the bottle. Then you can use the bottle to shoot air into your machine. No propellant except your snappy squeeze. It’s kind of surprising how much oomph you can give it with a good quick squeeze. Works great on keyboards and other electronics too. No concern about propellants, or about chilling stuff that shouldn’t be chilled. Also, can’t beat the price. I’d rather spend my sewing budget on thread and fabric, than on air in a can!

What are you working on today? Many of you are getting things finished up and ready for the quilt show, I’ll bet. I’m working on a second eye spy quilt for one of my twin godsons. It’s a bit smaller than the one for his brother, due to the arrangement of the blocks. There are more novelty squares, but a bit less roadway for the matchbox cars. You know how siblings are though, I hope they won’t notice!! Then I’ll be working on some fabric poseys for a class I’m teaching that will eventually be on a Mother’s Day present. Don’t know if I’ll make a wreath or a topiary or what with them. Gardening with no dirt nor bugs! Perfect some of you might say! I enjoy the dirty kind too.

Is anyone reading the Buffalo News’ book of the month? The Dirty Life I think it’s called. Kind of surprising how much is being written these days about getting back to the earth-gardening, growing your own food, raising some of your own meats, recycling, etc. Reminds me of my hippie days in the 70’s and 80’s. OMG am I old!

Have a great day ladies (and gents if you’re out there).

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